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  1. Pin Zaps & Swaps General FAQ
  2. Who has never been zapped? List added and updated
  3. Christmas super zap!
  4. Zapped by GoofyinMadison
  5. Got in Pins Today :)
  6. Trading: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo - Zapped by Pin Fairy Godmother
  7. Zapped by SiuJerkJai!
  8. A Massively Thankful Zap from Poohlady5
  9. Zapped by Tokaji
  10. bcol... you... with the... and the... ahhh!
  11. I've been Mark'ed!
  12. Zapped by Tiggermickey!!!
  13. Docfish is at it again!
  14. ZAPPED by bcol
  15. Zapped by Story
  16. Beautiful Belle Zap by ShelterKat! Thank you!!!
  17. Zapped by a naughty Wizard Guy
  18. Zapped by Tokaji!!
  19. RAK - Part 1 - GreyWyvern and Shelterkat - Thank you!!
  20. RAK - Part 2 - CCofRR13 and Vixy -Thank you!!!
  21. RAK - Part 3 - Bam - Thank you!!
  22. RAK - Part 4 - Thank you!
  23. Dragon and Duck Zapped by a Dragon!!
  24. Lovely birthday zap from SoraPandora!
  25. Jan/Feb 2017 RAK Nominations
  26. Ang Paybacked my Payback! (Can he even do that!?)
  27. Newly Zapped by NewlyAddicted!
  28. I was Mark'ed too!
  29. ZAPPED by SiuJerkJai
  30. How can someone be this nice?!
  31. Once Upon a Time, There came a Zap from SoraPandora...
  32. Surprised by a Zap from Tsuki!
  33. Zapped by Timeerkat
  34. jprincess is such a sweetheart! Lovely drawing zap <3
  35. I must share my happiness! Kim strikes again!
  36. Zaps from GoofyinMadison
  37. Zapped by Ang
  38. Delicious Zap from Kiragigi!
  39. Ooh De Lally! Thanks, NewlyAddicted!
  40. Auction bids + zap by sbmpins!
  41. I've been Zapped by Erin!
  42. Technically a trade but feels more like a zap !
  43. Zapped by CCofRR13
  44. There's a Snake in my Bubble Mailer!
  45. Zapped by Damienspins!
  46. A Wizened Wizard zapped me!!
  47. Zap ⚡️ by PoohLady5 [emoji199]
  48. I got zapped by Jeff! ⚡️
  49. Lots of delayed public Thank you's to Merlin and Cyke23 and AidenShepard and Tbird
  50. Owl Post - ZAPPED by PurpleMandMs!
  51. What's shakin, bacon? It's Hamm from lynn99!!
  52. Sssneaky Kitty - Zapped By Shelterkat
  53. Double the Gold zaps!
  54. Z-z-zapped!
  55. Zapping madness
  56. March RAK
  57. Birthday zap from Sora!
  58. Zapped By TiggerMickey
  59. Awesome Zap from Akbecker246 !
  60. Shelterkat found Gerald !
  61. I Got Zapped! [emoji22] I Never Get Zapped!
  62. ZAPped by Holly (booger1964)
  63. ZAPPED by Story!
  64. Trading: Zapped - but first let me take a selfie
  65. Zap by Watzshakinbacon
  66. Ch-CH-CH-CHip and Dale, Zapped by Tokaji
  67. Awesome zap from AshleyV
  68. Zapped by SoraPandora
  69. I think this counts as a zap - new sig from Didinous!
  70. Merlin Zapped Me
  71. ZAPPED by Merlin!
  72. Zapped just in Time!
  73. Zapped by Mickeymousje
  74. I'm ready to RUMBLE with my zap from MomeRathsOutgrabe!!
  75. The purrfect zap - from WatzShakinBacon =^..^=
  76. The Wizard strikes again!
  77. This Crochet Zap Clocked Me!
  78. Bookworms gotta book! AKA SARA!!!!!!! :-)
  79. Zapped by AvatarAng1!
  80. Zapped by the Lion King Avatarang1!!!
  81. My first Zap!! Thanks Timeerkat!!
  82. Higitus figitus... Zap-tastic amazingness
  83. Sneaky Zap!
  84. A Magical Zap!
  85. Zapped by CCofRR13 and JPrincess!
  86. She's chillin like a villain! Zap from Merlin!
  87. These Zaps, Trades, and Artwork deserve an A+
  88. Riding High on this ZAP From Merlin!!!
  89. Oodelally! Zapped by Sismelis!
  90. A Mooo...ving Zap from Damienspins :)
  91. April RAK Nominations
  92. Zapped by AshleyV!
  93. Jumbo zap from Jprincess!!
  94. Zapped by jprincess!
  95. Zapped by Jprincess Julie
  96. Zapped by PeachyShades! :D
  97. Zapped by This_and_That
  99. Amazing Zap by TiggerMickey/Judy
  100. Zapped by Mominator!
  101. Haunted575 is the King (Queen?) of the Kingdom!
  102. Oh my gosh! Hades!
  103. Whodunnit?!
  104. A beautiful zap from Jrdnsmom
  105. A Zap for the History Books!
  106. Zapped by Ann! :O
  107. Mark is bad at math :D
  108. TiggerMickey zapped me!
  109. TiggerMickey you've been busy!
  110. Zap from Tinkerbellfan117
  111. Zapped by Tds
  112. Zapped by the Guardian of Fort Knox (Tiggermickey)
  113. THANK YOU!!! I have been ZAPPED!
  114. Zapped by timeercat (long ago...)
  115. I've been zapped by Christine (CCofRR13)!
  116. Zapped by tiggermickey!
  117. Zapped by Sara!
  118. ZAPPED again and again by AvatarAng1!
  119. Zapped by GreyWyvern
  120. Auction bid and zap from Haunted575!!
  121. I was RAK'd?!?!?!?!
  122. I'm Afraid I've Lost My Head...
  123. This Zap had me Screaming! :D
  124. Zapped by CCofRR13!
  125. May RAK Nominations
  126. Want to see me do a trick??? Zap from AvatarAng!
  127. Zapped by Merlin and Speedway!
  128. Zapped with a Cheshire Grin!
  129. I was zapped by Robert on Facebook
  130. A warmhearted zap from Arendelle
  131. I was ZAPPED BY Disneychildwithin ,Thank you !!
  132. Thank you David and Merlin!!
  133. Zapped with goodies by AshleyV .
  134. Zapped 5 Times !!!!!
  135. Zapped by AshleyV! :3
  136. I was zapped by shelterkat
  137. Ice Cream Train?!? I wish that was a thing
  138. Zapped by Sora!!!!
  139. Zapped by AvatarAng!
  140. Zapped My Holy Grail by Merlin
  141. Zapped by the Avatar!
  142. Methinks I forgot to thank thee for thine zappe, Disneychildwithin!
  143. Zapped by watzshakinbacon :0)
  144. Thank you SoraPandora and SiuJerkJai!
  145. curiousdinah? More like generousdinah!
  146. Zapped by Counselor! (couldn't think of anything more clever...)
  147. Zapped by Lucy (disneychildwithin)
  148. Zapped by Quicksilver! :D
  149. Timeerkat (Tessa) is AMAZING!
  150. Birthday button from bcol!
  151. I found a Zap Down Under from Kiragigi!
  152. Zap from across the pond!!!!
  153. Get Back Here, You Trog!! (Zapped by NewlyAddicted!)
  154. A zap party!
  155. Aidan Zapped back!!
  156. Sorcerer's Zapprentice! Thanks Momin.ator!!!
  157. Eh He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He!
  158. Thank you Tessa
  159. If you MAILED OUT for the March RAK... PLEASE PM
  160. Two weeks of sending out Zaps
  161. Chubs is at it again!
  162. I've been RAK'D! :D
  163. June RAK Nominations
  164. I'm Crying!
  165. NBC Ghost Mail! Amazing Zap from Poohlady5!
  166. Viva pinata
  167. Completist Zapped! :D
  168. A kind-hearted zap from SoraPandora!
  169. Grateful Newbie Zapped by Queen of Wrap!
  170. Monster Zap from Poohlady5
  171. Hope zapped a Whole New World!
  172. Zapped by Lucy!
  173. Zapped by Spr175psu
  174. I've been Madre Zapped! (Zapdre? Madrapped?)
  175. A stowaway with my trade..
  176. Real Fairy Found: Addicted to Alice Pins
  177. ZAPPED by Rocke01!
  178. A Tiggeriffic Zap!
  179. I was zapped by Mbsmart
  180. Zapped by Matty! Thank you!
  181. Zapped by that sneaky wizard Merlin!
  182. Zapped By My Weird Wizard Friend! :D
  183. Some belated thanks for Birthday and Congrats Zaps
  184. Double zapped by Timeerkat and Addicted to Alice! It's like Christmas!!
  185. The May RAK'D winner is ...
  186. Zapped by Addicted to Alice Pins!
  187. Zapped by my Pen pal!!!
  188. Zapped by a Wizard and an Alice fanatic!
  189. Zapped by Addicted to Alice Pins!
  190. Zapped by Avatarang1
  191. The cutest zap ever!
  192. Zapped to tears by Janice (jrdnsmom)
  193. Trading: PIN IT UP... New zapping game!
  194. PIN IT UP Game - What did you get?
  195. Thank you, Mystery Zapper!!!! [Zip Zap Paddiwacks, Vol 1]
  196. My First Zap!
  197. Zapped by the ZZP!
  198. Flying high with Dumbo Zap
  199. USPS almost Ate my Zap!! ((From DoomScarf and Matty!! OMG))
  200. Wanted: July RAK Nominations
  201. Sbmpins is my hero! And an excellent pin pack her ;P
  202. Zapped by Speedwaystar1
  203. I got zapped by ccofrr13
  204. I got zapped by disneychildwithn
  205. Crazy zap by a crazy girl sorapandora
  206. Zapped by my close friend Ninpin
  207. Breakfast Zap from bcol!
  208. I got Zapped by lovethestitch
  209. Long overdue Zap Thanks to MBSmart!
  210. I have been RAK'ed!?
  211. Zapped by Poohlady5!!!
  212. Zapped by Didinous !
  213. Zapped by Rachel! :D
  214. I'm a middle man. XD
  215. Box o' Zaps from Kirk (GhostTrains)
  216. Zapped by a total stranger!
  217. The Plot Thickens!
  218. Poor Merlin
  219. August Rak Nominations
  220. Paddiwacked!
  221. Another RAK package!
  222. Magical zap from DoomScarf
  223. Zapped by AshleyV! :D
  224. Zapped by Chubs191 .Thank you !
  225. Amazing Zap from Merlin
  226. A wonderful zap from addicted to Alice pins
  227. The mail stole my zap ;)
  228. Zapped by maxtrexmom!
  229. Zapped by siujerkjai kim
  230. Just got home and WHAT?
  231. Great zap from akbecker246!
  232. ZAPPED by Timeerkat with an amazing pin !!
  233. One Massive Appreciation Post! :)
  234. Zapped by SiuJerkJai! :)
  235. Hope(max) springs eternal!
  236. When Sora zaps...
  237. Trade Plus a Bit Extra
  238. One zap has blown me away, another is quite refreshing!
  239. KSnuggles got me! :')
  240. Mail and a Zap from Bald Mountain!
  241. Really Riley?
  242. Zapped by GoofyinMadison
  243. Goofy in Madison has been busy:)
  244. A zap for my library from theoucharis!!
  245. Zapped by timeerkat - a true hero!
  246. Incredible ZAP by gbdb4ever!
  247. The Best Wizard Ever!!
  248. Zapped by Sbmpins
  249. Zappedby smallcandles
  250. Zapped by GoofyinMadison