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  1. DPF Secret Santa Event?
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  4. Pairing Information is going out today!
  5. HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!
  6. What did you get from your secret santa?? Post here!
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  14. Signups Closed - Keep an eye out for your pairings!
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  17. Secret Santa Question
  18. oh man! I didn't know we could sign up non-forum members for secret santa.....
  19. Has Any One Else Not Received Their Secret Santa Yet??
  20. Do you have a question for your SS? let me know
  21. Secret Santa Givers and Recipients - Introduce yourselves!
  22. Okay so I know it says "secret" Santa, but...
  23. ~~~official thread for those not receiving your secret Santa person~~
  24. ~~~Please post that your SS is on the way~~for 2012 DPF Exchange
  25. ALL Pairings have been sent. Please Post here if you have not yet received yours.
  26. Secret Santa packing!!! :)
  27. Holiday spirit !!
  28. Too Excited!!
  29. how to ship first class online
  30. ~~~Secret Santa 2012 reveal your idenities thread~~
  31. SS address Disappeared out of my email.
  32. OMG My Secret Santa is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
  33. Searching for my SS giver
  34. I am getting SO anxious! Seeing all these wonderful gifts!!
  35. My secret Santa was THE BEST!
  36. Dear Secret Santa, (if you don't know my name it's Carissa!)
  37. I'm just too excited for my secret santa
  38. Awesome Secret Santa
  39. I must say I have the best secret Santa ever! :angel:
  40. Hoping our secret Santa arrives
  41. Waited all day for the mail delivery.....
  42. My Secret Santa Came~!
  43. Secret santa question regarding overseas
  44. Who's Still Waiting for SS?
  45. Bummed!
  46. Do the mods know if everyone has sent their SS gifts???
  47. Post Secret Santa Sign Up - If you didn't receive anything & or want to help!
  48. Why lie?
  49. Who hasn't received their SS package yet?
  50. THANK YOU JONI! aka Blacksmoke!
  51. Received a package today! Not sure if it was my orig secret santa because...
  52. Its Arrived! ^^
  53. Thank you Poohlady5!
  54. Thank you Christywill!
  55. Thank you Docfish2u!!!
  56. Thank you Blacksmoke!
  57. Belated THANK YOU to "Disneycrazee" (Kristin)
  58. Thank you to Chilli Kitty for my Secret Santa!
  59. DPF Secret Santa Friend
  60. When do we start sign ups for SS 2013?
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  63. Sending International
  64. What did you receive in the Secret Santa 2013 exchange?
  65. Ideas for Future Secret Santas (or Other Gift Exchanges) 2013 Edition!!!
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  68. suggestions
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  70. Christmas in July
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