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  1. I am Mrs. Nesbitt!
  2. Not sure if you're lurking on IG but you're who I'd tag:
  3. We've all been blowing up your inbox, haven't we? You're all full! This was my brilliant, vitally important PM that you almost missed:

    I am so lucky I'm not in WDW right now because those cutie pins would be the death of my wallet. I hope you guys had a fantastic time. We went a few years ago over Thanksgiving, and seeing all the holiday stuff was too cool. I ditched my family to walk around Downtown Disney by myself to shop and soak up the atmosphere. Probably the best night of the trip!
  4. hahaha I'm picturing it like William Shatner screaming, "KHAAAAAAAN!!" in Star Trek. (Right after C.J. died dramatically in a radiation-related incident, of course. That's totally how it went, right? Right?)
  5. As soon as it tumbled out of the bag, I said, "KIM!!!" I get home Sunday, will send it on its way Monday or Tuesday.
  6. Whaaaaaaat??? You're the bestest!!
  7. I'm going to send you the Mushu cutie pin when I get home!!!
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