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  1. Holy moly, Batman, I haven't been on DPF in MONTHS. Thank you for the b-day wishes. My computer crashed a couple of months ago, so once it got fixed, I had to re-enter all my Favorites, and I just remembered DPF (because I needed to give you a ref), so now it's on there. I had a PM from someone asking if I had a certain pin, she (?) wants to buy it. She's in luck, I still have it, lol, so I messaged her back, it remains to be seen if she'll reply, lol!

    For you and me, at least, thank goodness for FB! Hahaha!

    Reference given....I will give you another one when the other check comes.

    Thank you!
  2. Happy birthday
  3. Hi Hannette
    Welcome to DPF..glad you joined us,Judy
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