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  1. Happy Birthday to you my beautiful friend!!! I hope your day is magical!!!
  2. Hey there my amazing and wonderful friend!!! How are you? I miss chatting with you! I hope life is treating you well!!! Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you!
  3. I have to check, got a lot and need to reply to all of them, LOL
  4. Did my message come through?
  5. No worries at all!!! I am just glad you are getting my messages, I never know, lol!
  6. Hey Nate, still have to answer your messages, so so so sorry! Will reply to them tomorrow, I promise
  7. Hey Rachel! Hope all is well!!! I am just making sure my messages are making it to your inbox? Stupid "smart"phone!!! Hope to chat with ya soon!
  8. Hey lady! Hope all is good, haven't heard from ya for awhile and see you haven't been on since the 23rd!?!? Hope everything is okay!!! I am worried about ya! Hopefully you are just a busy bee!!! Lol!
  9. I am good, thanks for asking!!! How are you? So what do you do for work, or do you go to school? I manage a short term loan branch, not a lot of money (for a management position especially) but for the most part, I really enjoy my job! I need to get out of this house today!!! LOL!
  10. Good afternoon! How are you doing today?
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