Oct 3, 2011
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New Jersey

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    1. Romancing_Train
      I got the bt today too! Tytytytyttytyytyy
    2. PrinceEric
      hi this is guns and im in love with u
    3. cristywill
      You are very welcome! Thanks so much for the extra zap! I love it!
    4. lwrn2
      Glad you liked them Dawn!!! :) It is always so great to trade with you and I have the best time picking zaps for you. You have the best wants list EVER! I have at least 15 pins I'm on the lookout now for you that I've never seen before. And then I end up adding more to my own wants (curse you!) because you find the most awesome stuff. Anyway, thanks for another great trade. I LOVED your zaps too and can't thank you enough for the Goofy and the oyster shell (daughter in heaven) and all the other great ones. Have a great week!!
    5. HandA
      OK ... these people must know you well. The website just asked me ... [h=3]Are you sure you want to add dawny to your contacts?[/h]
    6. lucan444
      who cant hack it?:sad:
    7. Zagales14
      I did!! ZAAAPPP!!!
    8. lucan444
      did you get your snow?

      Bubbly and tour still available, will discuss details in Sept, cost may be negotiable, Assuming that Dom is preferred? :naughty:
    9. lucan444
      sorry pin is in the mail as of yesterday,,,tooo bad, you still owe me!!!!!MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! one little blond jersey girl still owes the dark side, another beautiful day in VI, sunny skies, slobbering puppy, clear waters and blue skies, and corona in the cooler, another day in Villain paradise,

      See you next month!!!! Enjoy the SW pin!!!
    10. lucan444
      mailing your pin this am, Im so slack:werd:

      Didnt think you were coming to the 13 event in Sept,

      if you are i of course, will have to harass you when there,
    11. DisneyPinsNYC
      AHHH! So sorry I missed you while you were in town. I haven't been on in a while, clearly. :/ Let me know when you'll be back, would be great to see you!
    12. PinBeuty11
      thank for holding the pins. just sent you a pm. I will be sending money today. sorry for the wait.
    13. lucan444
      noooo. i asked if you had recieved YOUR pin, wow ,,,, you given jersey blondes a bad rap there lady... Or one less glass of bubbly before typing?
    14. lucan444
      watta I want?
      Will be quite happy with a.......hmmm,, suddenly im feeling like I could be wasting a great opportunity ,but ......
      I will take a IOU<never know when it could come in handy>and a few well placed words in the ears of those that may listen, that not all that is spoken is fact,,, or, as the Rocky and Bullwinkle show announcer might say...
      Will our hero escape this goody good trap?
      Can evil finaly overcome good?
      Stay tuned for our next exciting adventure

      Cant handle what? Prt 4
      or Frostbite Falls...Where the llamas go to mingle!!!
    15. lucan444
      did you get your Atlantis pin?
    16. lucan444
      Envy is such an ugly color on you!!! Maybe you should try villain black or evil red, but the jealous green is not your color!!!
    17. lucan444
      Cold Corona, poolside with the puppy and clear waters and blue skies, Life on the Darkside is so Tuff!!!!
    18. DisneyPinsNYC
      So you're not going to the meet up in June? That's when I was saying I might need a lift. Thanks for having my back on Halloween pins- you're awesome. I think an NYC summer meet would be a lot of fun.
    19. DisneyPinsNYC
      Yeah, seems fairly exclusive and expensive this year. Hope you have fun while you're there. Jury is still out on if I'll make it over or not. If I do, I might need a ride from the train station- =) I'll let you know as the date gets closer. Also, I'll keep an eye out for Halloween Pins and make a "wish list" lol!
    20. DisneyPinsNYC
      Did you get in to 13 on the 13th? I hope so- can't wait to hear about it from you...
    21. PrinceEric
      happy mums day gorgeous princess. xoxo
    22. ThatCrazyPinGirl
    23. lucan444
      yep thats me, nocanhackit, dont believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to a VILLAIN PRINCE!!!!
    24. teddy_ruxpin
      sorry if you felt i meant you ,the trades i did with you were fantastic thank you,the scrappers i've received have been from pinpics people sorry.i sent a nice pm to you for the RAK but it seems you never received it,i really appreciate the minnie mouse mickeys circus pin you gave me for the RAK,it's such a wonderful pin and the kindness of the members on here was amazing.i wrote a thread to say thank you for it. again i'm very sorry about the mistake made.
    25. PrinceEric
      yes love just got a new position more money more vacations and pins love u.
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    New Jersey
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    i live 5 min from the ocean --love the beach but want to move to orlando within the next few years..I date the greatest guy and between us we have 6 kids and the last 2 are finishing HS--so i am getting the house ready to sell. WDW is my favorite place and we love to travel. Happy to pin trade.

    pin collecting