Oct 3, 2011
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New Jersey

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    1. lucan444
      Had to exit the Riverside quickly, Villain alert sounded, notifing me that somewhere a little kid had some candy to swipe, not to mention that little ol lady who was looking for someone to deliver the mortgage to the ranch, and last but not least there was that fair damsel who was tied to the train tracks but had no one to twirl thier mustache over her. Soooo guess who got the call. Sorry I missed you, hope you enjoyed the parks and the trading, now you can say you survived a natural disaster, and remember the odds of it happening again in your lifetime are, well maybe not for YOU!!
    2. BugCatcherJenna
      Wow! I didn't even know you collected Winnie the pooh!! I just thought it was a cute pin, and thought you would enjoy it. :D
    3. lwrn2
      Dawn! Thank you so much for the great pins and ZAP! You're the best.:drool:We are all recovering from a hideous bug, which is why it took me so long to thank you. So sorry!
    4. lucan444
      hey mamma jamma,
      got it already , came in mail on Thurs but thanks for keeping an 'eye' for me!!!
    5. Happy Haunt
      Happy Haunt
      Awww, thank you! Unfortantly I already have that pin now. o_o But thank you for thinking of me anyhow. :)
    6. LiliMay
      Well I'm glad you got them! Haha thank you! I made them myself in a class I'm taking. I have a couple more you'll have to trade with me to see them ;) thanks again Dawny. Be safe out there!
    7. Happy Haunt
      Happy Haunt
      O_O Wha...? What pin? XD
    8. LiliMay
      Ohi vey! In sorry to hear that! I should have put a tracking coad on it (I gotta learn how to do it from home like you do!) I hope your being safe! Did you have fun while you were out here?
    9. LiliMay
      Hey Dawny! I sent then out a couple days after our talk. My pin of bags was under a TON of Xmas stuff. So it should have been there? When I come home from dlr tonight ill look at the recipt to make sure.
    10. AverysFairyTale
      :) That's what happens when you are awesome to a completest who has never seen that pin before!
    11. Jrdnsmom
      Yay glad you got it! you are so funny, I drank wayyyyyy to much the other day omg tipsy was an understatement, I was flat out smashed! I don't know if I got my pins yet, someone broke our neihborhood mailboxes! jerks, now I have to go to the post office to pick up my mail, and I don't get to go everyday to get my mail. I am waiting to go on my next day off Tuesday, and am hoping for some little brown packages, lol .
    12. lucan444
      Mia is for soldiers, we Villains just travel incognito!!!
      Nope not missing , just lurking in the shadows and doing the voyeur thing,,,,,youd be amazed at what you can see if no one thinks your looking!:naughty:
    13. PixieDust
      YAY!!! Glad you liked it! I think it's such a unique pin :) I'll let you know once mine has arrived.
    14. caligirlUCR
      Lol - I know!!!!
    15. caligirlUCR
      You are sch a sweetheart!!! I wish I could . . . I swear one of these days I will make it out there!!!! Miss ya!
    16. halloweenfiend
      Off track! So, get that! :D You're welcome to the Zap. Thank you for the feedback. I hope we will trade again. :)
    17. Romancing_Train
      You're welcome...I...I thought that...I didn't send you enough...the whole time D:
    18. lwrn2
      SO GLAD TO HEAR IT!! :) I was so happy to send her to you! Sorry you had a crappy day, hate when things go like that. It will all be better though! The sun'll come out...tomorrow and all that. :) Hugs, Laura
    19. BLTBoys
      yes we decided to collect all those...along with the tons and tons of other sets -_- so we'd love the cruella! :)
    20. PixieDust
      Wasn't it fun though?!?!!! I'm still hangin' in Orlando for a few more days before I return to Georgia. I used to live in Miami, a wonderfully short 3 hrs. to the World. Now we are in North GA, about an 8 hour drive, we do still manage to get out here about 4 times a year but I would be out here a whole lot more if I could. Definitely let me know when you are around, you never know, our trips might just coincide at some point :)
    21. PixieDust
      Hi Dawny! It was nice meeting you at the circus :)
    22. creativextremeties
      I got one <3 were we supposed to trade??? My mind is mush if we were, but If I set something up with you prior of coarse I will honor it <3
    23. lucan444
      you too funny!!!
      glad to have put a face to the name!!
    24. docfish2u
      I just sent you an email about your visitor message
    25. creativextremeties
      I'm Glad you liked it <3 :) See ya soon!
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    i live 5 min from the ocean --love the beach but want to move to orlando within the next few years..I date the greatest guy and between us we have 6 kids and the last 2 are finishing HS--so i am getting the house ready to sell. WDW is my favorite place and we love to travel. Happy to pin trade.

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