Oct 3, 2011
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New Jersey

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    1. Redrose
      Hmm the only mulan pin I have is a wicked tiny one from Hong Kong Disneyland if I ever acquire more Mulan Pins I will certainly keep you in mind :)
    2. jkhogon
      Nono thank YOU for sharing! I loved it! Now I can sneakily use it as a checklist for some I really want haha. Also, I have the same 101 Dalmatian Pin from Walt's Classic Collection. Do you think its a scrapper since both of ours have a line through Perdita's paw in the wedding scene and in the piano group scene, one of the puppies eyes are black... But I still love the pin but strange how such a detailed pin could be a made as a scrapper. Thanks for sharing (and I just found your other thread haha where you had posted already. Sometimes DPF shows me things too late xP)
    3. mojoscout
      Hey! :)
      your pin has been sent! :D sorry Icould'nt yesterday it was crazy at my house :P lol
    4. Redrose
      Hi Dawny I noticed you sent me a message on my wall. I think you have the wrong person :( My name is Alicia.
    5. Alexa
      Hey Dawn, just checking to make sure you received the pins.
    6. tinkerbelle1956
      Just read about the July PTN , that really stinks . I'd be mad too .
    7. Dolphin324
      Hey :) sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the offer, but I'm not currently looking for those pins.
    8. Donnam
      Hi Dawn,
      What is his login or full name? If you want to email me we can talk further.
      My email address is dmaloney57@cox.net.
    9. Splash
      Hello Dawn, just wanted to let you know that I received your pin today. Thank you so very much for trading with me. I absolutely love it. 29 Splash Mountain Reveal/Conceal pins down down and only 1 more to go. Thank you so very much for helping me out with this collection. I really appreciate it.
    10. tinkerbelle1956
      You are so darn funny . I'll bring my pins . LOL
    11. tinkerbelle1956
      Hey I was teasing about coming to stay at the beach ! You didn't PM back . My birthday isJune25th , if it stays hot, we will be at Seaside .
    12. tinkerbelle1956
      Did you get my message ?
    13. Redrose
      Np anytime I can help out a fellow trader I will!!! So far I only have the D and P pin that you sent me but I love the pin!
    14. RiftRaftStreetRat
      I load mine onto a website called tinypic, then I click the insert image button and paste the image url inside :)
    15. Alexa
      Sounds good! I'll send you my address as confirmation. PM the trade again I know what I'll be sending/receiving.
      Dinner sounds great! My birthday is July 16th so I've made sure I'm going to be attending the PTN since it's on the 13th! ;)
    16. Alexa
      Thanks, Dawn! I think we're doing the trade. I just have to go through all of my pins. I haven't even checked what I have. I'll let you know ASAP by either text or here. Talk to you soon!
    17. Happy Haunt
      Happy Haunt
      Yep its the same age as me. XD And that was rather fast! Glad you like it. :)
    18. PeterPanLovva
      Don't even worry about it, I saw that you wanted the pin and I was just using it as a trader so I thought you would appreciate it more than I! I am so thrilled that you liked it! I am glad I could help you out! That is why I trade :D Have a wonderful day!
    19. MMiano
      Thanks! I found it. :-)
    20. MMiano
      Howdy Dawny, That's really nice. Where is that thread? Thanks for the info.
    21. Clara9271
      Yay! I'm so glad that you liked them Dawn! hehe I know that my pins will go to a good home :) thank you do much for trading with me! I actually have the PP numbers for the pins I zapped you with but I totally forgot to stick the note I to the box! LOL and I saw it on my desk after I had delivered your pins. The daisy just search "daisy holding" on PP and it pops out in the first page :) once again, thank you for the trade. I'm at school right now so I haven't checked my mail but I'm sure my pins are there. I will let you know as soon as I get them on my grubby little hands hehe
    22. tiggermickey
      Hi Dawny,it was great meeting you as well..that was a crazy pin night huh?I never seen such a crowd..you need a road trip to MC Indy:)
    23. chipdale123
      Inbox cleared :)
    24. Happy Haunt
      Happy Haunt
      Nope I don't have that one yet. Do you have it for trade? :)
    25. Alexa
      Thank you so much for the pins, Dawn! I really do appreciate it!
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    i live 5 min from the ocean --love the beach but want to move to orlando within the next few years..I date the greatest guy and between us we have 6 kids and the last 2 are finishing HS--so i am getting the house ready to sell. WDW is my favorite place and we love to travel. Happy to pin trade.

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