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Thread: PIN BACK's (Dont lose your Lanyard Pins Ever Again)

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    Military Pin Keepers-Military Grade (Ultra Secure) Locking Backs for Disney pins
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    Thanks for that, I have some of the locking ones... and didn't know about the posts breaking.

    I had one trade in park where I got a cool hidden mickey pin I really wanted (Ezma Bowling pin), put the rubber mickey on the back... and 15minutes later went to check it... only to find it had fallen off.... Ohhh well.

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    Thanks for informing us, mind sending me the seller? Thanks!

    Thank you Kritter for the sig!

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    I will say the ones that uses the Allen wrench to tighten. Be careful as I ised those because I had my haunted mansion and a few star wars pins on my backpack straps and I lost one of my star wars Halloween pins. So someone in the park got a nice treat and trick on me lol. Just make sure to secure them good.

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    Thanks for the info. I use the ones with the screw and I appreciate the heads up on denting the pin. I have also had an issue with having no screw in them when I purchased them. I returned them to a shop in disney where I bought them and they gave me a brand new pack with no receipt!!!
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