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Thread: Disney Pins Fine-Art Museum (any other art-geeks out there?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purplemandms View Post
    Here are all the masterpiece pins together!

    For closer pictures, as well as their titles, just look up "Masterpiece" on pinpics!
    There are two more "sets" that are included in this, so for togetherness sake I'm going to put them all here.

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    I absolutely love these masterpieces! Hopefully, I can add some to my collection one day!

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    This entire thread was so fun to read, I'm geeking out so hard over all these pins. they're so beautiful and unique but man, I'm not even that into all of the stitch merch but that blue nude - blue dude painting from the masterpiece series is so gorgeous. honestly goals if I felt I had any sort of a shot for that little guy. so good.

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    What a great thread! I knew about a few of the fine and pop art inspired pins, but there were a ton here I had no idea existed. So cool... fortunately none that I want in my collection (oh man, I'd be in trouble if there was, the prices on these guys are crazy!), but they sure are fun to look at! Thanks to everyone who's contributed pictures and knowledge here!

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