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Thread: Meetup, & whos going thread! Love is Adventure 8/24-8/26 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purplemandms View Post
    Just made a GroupMe!

    '💕 Love is an Adventure 💕' on GroupMe. Click here to join:

    For those who don't have a GroupMe, the app is free to download on both Apple and Android and it's easy to use.
    Just joined. Let's have everyone change their nickname to first name and DPF username.

    Also you don't need to download the app to use it (although it makes it much more convenient). If you don't have a smart phone, you could just opt to get texts but that will def deluge your phone.

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    Forgot to add that a few of us are doing the new Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast on Sunday morning before I head to MK.

    Quote Originally Posted by watzshakinbacon View Post
    As far I have planned, I'm going to AK on Thurs all day, registration for LIAA on friday/ Hollywood Studios afterward, Epcot afterward on Sat, and MK on Sunday (Tessa, since we have the same return flight, maybe we can coordinate?).
    Yes, let's coordinate! It might get a bit muddled in the middle of the day, since I'll need to head back to my resort to pick up luggage and board Magic Express, but we can work out the details.
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    Aidan and I will be around all day on Thursday! Trading at the Coronado for a while at pre reg, then AK for the day. BF will hopefully join that afternoon / evening, but at the very least he'll be there all day Fri and Sat. super duper pumped!

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    I'm not sure what time I'm going to Coronado Springs. My friend from WA, is flying in on Thursday and we're taking her to registration closer to the end time. But my Dad and I are going to come earlier in the day to do our registrations, and hopefully work on trading for our mystery sets! I was thinking about noon-ish. Post-event days we're going to be letting our friend dictate the schedule. We definitely want to use our tabs in the trading lines, but I'd love to have times to meet in the "back room" for some in-person trading.

    Oh, and I leave for Florida, tomorrow

    So I'm going to be going to some Thursday pin releases and so if anyone is planning any meetups.
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    I will be there 08/24 - 08/26 and will also be doing early trading at the Coronado.

    Thanks to Kritter for the awesome sig!

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    Hi, For anyone going to MNSSHP Friday night... I am in search of the Maleficent MNSSHP pin for trade or sale.

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    I joined the geoupme thing.

    So ill be up there around 7pm-ish Friday. I'll be leaving from work. I don't know that we'll be doing the Halloween party, but we'll be around Epcot Saturday! And by we I mean I and the boyfriend. I'm fairly easy to spot: raybans, fishing shirt if it's sunny, and smol Eevee hanging off my shorts.

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    The pin trading part of my family and I are attending the pin event and doing other fun Disney stuff. I went last year and had fun; but I love this year's theme. We are staying at Bonnet Creek. We are attending the MNSSHP and trying to spend lots of time in the parks.

    Did anyone else see the new pass holder promotion which allows a pass holder to buy a park hopper ticket for $79 between Augustus 11 to September 30?
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    Hi all!

    Attendee list updated, will update the "plan" lists shortly....

    just joined the groupme (haven't used it before, something new!)
    Thanks David for the great signature!

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    I am so EXCITED!

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    Still on the wait list. Will be there for all other after event, events. Praying I can get tickets

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