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1. What got me into pin trading/collecting? Nothing really magical really. I have actually been going to Walt Disney World since I was 18 years old and have seen Pins for many years there, but it never really caught my attention much at all. This past vacation last September I with my partner, we love to try and go during the Food and Wine Festival if we can I saw a few Food and Wine Festival related pins and thought they were cute so I bought them. I kept them in the bag and brought them home only really looking at them a few times. Once I got home I began really admiring these pins mores and talking about them to my partner a lot. She told me why don't I start looking for other Food and Wine related Pins. That is how it has gotten started.

2.What was the first pin I ever bought?Actually it was 3 pins simultaneously. I purchased the Figment, Anna & Elsa, and Kronk & Yzma Food & Wine Pins from 2016.

3. What pins means the most to you and why? Since I currently only have 3 to choose from this is not very hard or is it? I suppose all of them mean the same to me because they all were my first purchase and will get the ball rolling to collecting more in the future.

4. Any other amazing pin stories you would like to share?​ Not that I have a pin story but more a question for myself. Why in the you know where did it take me so long to collect these great things.
Welcome to the pin trading world!
Thanks for sharing your story.