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Thread: What's YOUR Pin Story?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessFood&Wine View Post
    1. What got me into pin trading/collecting? Nothing really magical really. I have actually been going to Walt Disney World since I was 18 years old and have seen Pins for many years there, but it never really caught my attention much at all. This past vacation last September I with my partner, we love to try and go during the Food and Wine Festival if we can I saw a few Food and Wine Festival related pins and thought they were cute so I bought them. I kept them in the bag and brought them home only really looking at them a few times. Once I got home I began really admiring these pins mores and talking about them to my partner a lot. She told me why don't I start looking for other Food and Wine related Pins. That is how it has gotten started.

    2.What was the first pin I ever bought?Actually it was 3 pins simultaneously. I purchased the Figment, Anna & Elsa, and Kronk & Yzma Food & Wine Pins from 2016.

    3. What pins means the most to you and why? Since I currently only have 3 to choose from this is not very hard or is it? I suppose all of them mean the same to me because they all were my first purchase and will get the ball rolling to collecting more in the future.

    4. Any other amazing pin stories you would like to share?​ Not that I have a pin story but more a question for myself. Why in the you know where did it take me so long to collect these great things.
    Welcome to the pin trading world!
    Thanks for sharing your story.

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    What got me into pin trading? ​
    I went to Disneyland Paris in 2001, I was 5 at the time. My parents bought me a fab five lanyard set when they bought my autograph book because the desk staff in the hotel gave me a pin and I wanted one to give to him to say thank you. After that I didn't really collect or trade beyond with one other kid in the park on that trip, tbh I didn't really know it was such a big thing until last year. I've started collecting pins, haven't really traded yet as I don't have any pins I would part with. I've been collecting pins from trips and stuff since I was little though. I used to put them on my pencil case in school.

    What was my 1st pin?

    The first pin I bought for myself was an Olaf pivot pin.

    The first one I "traded" for was a Mickey Mouse pin in a christmas hat, unfortunately I'm not sure here those older pins are (more then likely in my attic) as I wasn't really into displaying pins until last year.

    What pin meant the most to you?

    My most meaningful pin however is my Pepper Ann pin. I received it as a gift from my sisters and it means the world to me. I grew up watching Pepper Ann and it really shaped my opinions and beliefs. I had no clue they had found it for me.

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    1. What got you into pin trading?
    In 2005, we did a family reunion visit to WDW /DCL combo with three generations - our parents, me/siblings/spouses and our kidos. We stayed at the Beach Resort, and they gave us all a lanyard and two pins....and that was the miracle of Disney the time we finished our WDW and Cruise Package, our immediate family (husband and two kids) had about 50 pins. They were so beautiful and easy to collect...and there was the thrill of the hunt once we realized just how many beautiful and creative pins were available via the online Dizpins/Pinpics community. So, we've been in this for well over 12 years now...and close to 800 pins...latest addition is from a recent trip to Chicago - and picked up Mickey and Minnie in the Windy City 116725

    2. What was your first pin OR the first pin you traded FOR?
    Our first pins were from the initial lanyard from Disney Travel Company, however, our best first serious buys were on the DCL cruise - including was the Triptych Mermaid Mosaic from Tritons - which are PP 32588, 32590 and 32592, along with several pins that were left over from the DCL Pin Trading Under the Sea Event, which must have occurred either a week or two before we were on the ship. Talk about unintentional good timing!

    3. Pin that means the most to you and why?
    As many who follow the Art History Pin thread know...Art History is my Avocation - so I've been lucky enough to collect most of the Art-related pins as they were released. In terms of characters, am a HUGE Little Mermaid movie fan and then second would be Tinkerbell.

    The first grail I found is the one in my signature - and was completely affordable close to 10 years ago, when I found it!

    4. Any other amazing pin story you would like to share? (If not disregard this question)
    Any time that we've been lucky enough to attend events; it's amazing to see the amazing pin collections of others at WDW and the New Jersey Disney Pin Traders Meets

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    I do not recall the pin I first got. But I do know exactly how we ended up in this silly hobbie. Lol.
    We met a very nice girl at DLR, she was trading and started to tell us a little about the hobbie. She ended up giving us our first pins to start off with. We than walked in the store and bought a bunch of pins and lanyards for each of us. That was the beginning of a fun pin collection. We do not trade very much. Kind of greedy I guess. ��


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    1. What got you into pin trading?
    I only started collecting pins February 1st of this year after I became a DMC VIP & saw the pins.
    2. What was your first pin
    I bought the Tsum Tsum Mickey and Friends VIP Pin then searched for older VIP pins & bought Elsa DMC VIP Pin that same day
    3. Pin that means the most to you and why?
    The Elsa Pin DMC VIP Pin (because Elsa is my current favorite Disney character & its the first pin that arrived) in the 3 months since I found the joys of Disney pins I now have 75 pins (60% are tsum tsum pins, 30% are Elsa/Anna pins, 10% are a mix of other characters/pins I like)

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