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Thread: The "Disney Afternoon" Collection - 6 NES Game Remaster Bundle

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    Talking The "Disney Afternoon" Collection - 6 NES Game Remaster Bundle

    It looks like Capcom is setting up for another game remaster bundle starting with the 6 NES classics. Along with proper 1080p upscale, it will also include a few new features(boss rush, time attack, and rewind) in addition to the intriguing Museum mode of behind the scenes artwork and content. Games featured include:
    Darkwing Duck
    Ducktales 2
    Tales Spin
    Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers
    Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers 2

    Release date slated on April 18th for PS4, Steam, & Xbox1; no news on a Switch/3DS release...

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    Oh man... I hope this comes to Switch!

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    Wow cool,i love the cartoons ,i've played some of those games.I need to get this for my ps4.I hope it comes to UK. Thanks for the info.

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    Nice! I never played these, but I loved the games based on movies (Lion King and Aladdin specifically). $20 for six games is a great deal, too. Might need to pick this up once I'm done with the Kingdom Hearts collection (that comes out the end of this month, can't wait!).
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    This is such great news! I never got a chance to play these games as a kid, and now I don't need to worry about buying any of the original NES cartridges with those crazy price tags.

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