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Thread: But one day he just vanished

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    Happy to hear your staying! I wasn't sure what your post meant. Otherwise I would've sent you a message. You are great to have on DPF!!! So thanks for being a blessing. Glad your staying.

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    Well, I'm glad you're staying! The fact is you're a bright and kind young man and your presence is a boon to the board. ^_^.
    So many wonderful pins from my siggie have been aquired, either through trade, sale, or zap! A new sig is coming soon!
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    Hi Mark! I don't know you but in the EXTREMELY short time I've had on DPF, I've already met so many wonderful people. What really gets me and encourages me to learn more and meet more people, is how so many here are practically family. And from what I saw, many would be saddened or lost without you! So I am very enthusiastic about you sticking around! I look forward to getting to know you and possibly bonding on a mutual love for ATLA and LoK?? Huzzah for you sticking around!!

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    I didn't know what your post meant, so happy you're staying though because DPF won't be the same without you

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    Glad you decided to stay! You're an awesome DPFer and we'd miss you!

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    I'm sorry to hear that you went through that.

    Honestly, when I saw this thread I kind of ignored it because I figured it was just a cartoon reference that I just didn't get... I didn't realize you were actually thinking of leaving. (A lot of things go over my head, haha.)

    So, I'm glad to hear you're staying. Sometimes it's helpful just to take a few steps back when things get overwhelming - I know I have to do that from time to time myself. And I'm hoping that whatever was said to you was said in the heat of the moment, and not in a threatening way. I would hate to think we have a bully in our midst. I think it's safe to say from the number of comments on this thread that you are a beloved member of DPF, and you have our support. <3

    This forum, and the world, wouldn't be the same without you.

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    Agreed. As for the "struggling with a few members" I always say, it's just a hobby and it's just pins. It should be fun. And, although I think this has only happened once, I just make a silent note to not trade with the person and move on. There are plenty of friendly people on here to interact with!

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    Group Hug, and Thanks for staying! Love reading your posts and keeping us updated and was worried you weren't joining us at Docfish's get together. Whew hoping you'll be there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarAng1 View Post
    So, it's been 100 hours, and I've taken the time to think.

    I was struggling with a few members lately, one of which said it would be better for everyone if I left DPF. I think the person was just speaking out of anger, and I tried not to take it personally. I will certainly not hold a grudge, especially with all that person is going through.

    So, I took a little hiatus, and I've decided to stay. The good people here greatly outweigh those who I've choose to keep my distance from for now on. I'd appreciate it I no one asked me who it is, as I don't really care to talk about it.

    Thanks to everyone who sent me PMs, I would be gone if it wasn't for you guys. I'm also sorry that I haven't been responding to PMs, texts, etc. I must admit, trying to leave without saying anything would have been quite selfish of me.

    Thanks everyone,

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    I'm very glad you decided to stay! Whoever said those mean I seriously want to go fuss at them, whether it was spoken out of anger or not. That's really horrible.:/
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