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Thread: ISO: Pin #19222 - Club 33 Lady and the Tramp - DSSH St Patrick's Day Stitch

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    ISO: Pin #19222 - Club 33 Lady and the Tramp - DSSH St Patrick's Day Stitch

    Hello friends,

    I am looking for these three pins. I would much rather trade for them, than buy them, but will consider reasonable purchases. I have a terrible allergy to paying huge markups. If the pin retails for $20, and you ask $25+shipping, I'm usually okay. If you ask $30, I start to get itchy. if you ask $40 or more I get hives and my throat starts to close off. My doctor has advised against paying huge markups, for my own health.

    My PinPics (norlando319) is fairly up-to-date, if you have one of these pins and want to look at my traders.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance.

    My heartfelt thanks to Bruna for the awesome signature!!

    I am "norlando319" on any pin trading sites to which I belong, and on Vinylnation.Net for any Vinylmation Collectors!
    If you look for me on a pin DB site and don't find me, please message me to let me know, and I'll join, or tell you why I am not a member.

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    Welcome back Nick!

    Good luck in your quest. I think the Club 33 one is going to be the hardest to find because it is only sold to Club 33 members and not just anyone who is lucky enough to dine there.

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    I have not seen a Lady and the Tramp sell for less than $200 and change recently. All the new Club 33 50th Anniversary pins are exclusive to members only and 2 per member and are all selling out. Trick is to get to know a member I guess! Good luck on your quest.
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