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Thread: 2017 Holy Grail Thread. What are your top 5 Most Wanted pins?

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    From what I'm currently collecting (Toy Story)
    Pin 91062 DSF - Beloved Tales - Toy Story

    Pin 120907 WDW - Pixar Party 2016 - Andy's Toy Box Set
    Pin 85898 - 110th Legacy Collection - Toy Story Rocket Ship
    Pin 55670 - Super Hero Series - Woody
    Pin 77988 DSF - Toy Story 3 - Barrel of Monkeys
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    Getting any of these would be amazing, especially the first 2!

    Pin 75374: - Disney's Year of the Tiger Mystery Set - Stitch Only

    Pin 35652: Disney Auctions - Masterpiece Series #3 (Stitch)

    Pin 48409: - Stitch as George Washington

    Pin 60971: JDS - 2008 Tango No Sekku (Boy's Festive) - Stitch

    Pin 30723: Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Stitch Morning Coffee
    Only collect Stitch, but have other traders

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    My grails are all Meg and Esmeralda, and even their non-LE pins are super hard to find! So if anyone ever has these for trade or sale, or if you come across someone who does, I would so appreciate a heads up! Actually, that goes for any Meg or Esmeralda pins from my PinPics wants (NutMeg.) I'll take a look through this thread and make note of everyone else's grails, too, and will keep an eye out for them. Love the teamwork on this forum!

    Pin #48739: Disney Auctions Hades & Megara (Holiest of holy grails! A girl can dream...)

    Pin #81945: Reveal/Conceal Megara

    Pin #81979: Reveal/Conceal Esmeralda

    Pin #116749: Hercules and Ghost Megara Glow in the Dark Fantasy Pin

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    Mine are:

    Pin# 98001
    DSF - Jumbo Ariel - Surprise Release

    Pin# 116074
    WDI - 60th Diamond Celebration - Ariel

    Pin# 85644
    DLR - 2011 Hidden Mickey Series - T-Shirt Collection - Ariel
    (Yes, I know it's odd that a HM is a #3 grail pin for me, but there you have it)

    Pin# 28206
    Little Mermaid Wooden Boxed Pin Set (Ariel Jumping Out of Water)

    Pin# 110678
    Disney Store - Fairytale Designer Collection: Heroes and Villains)

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    I have only one, and I'm being lazy, so I haven't put the photo here - just the number (which I have memorized...) Of course, as soon as I posted, I remembered, the picture is in my signature!!! LOL
    I believe the set came with three pins, and I'll happily take all three, if someone has them for trade, but the one I've been wanting for my L&T board for the past few years, that's the grail.

    Pin 19222:
    Disney Auctions - Valentine's Day Pin Set #1 (Lady and the Tramp)
    My heartfelt thanks to Bruna for the awesome signature!!

    Obviously, I love Lady and the Tramp...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinTraderSam View Post
    Nick PTD
    Headless Horseman Profile
    BatB live action Marquee
    Toy Story Andy Toy Box pin set
    Hades PTD
    I have the gold diecast marquee, but it has a bad spot. Let me know if you are interested.
    I collect Aristocats, Robin Hood, Fox & the Hound, Cats, Olaf, Rapunzel and pins I like.

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    My top five are definately all cats xD so here they are
    1. Dapper Marie (to finish my set! )
    2. Dinah Sorcerer Hat
    3.Marie and Berlioz and Toulouse sorcerer hat
    4. Oliver sorcerer Hat
    5. Figaro sorcerer hat
    i like basically all cool cat pins! I don't focuse as much in my others cause they are easier to get (sort, tsum tsums, Dalmatian, dwarfs, evil queen and Olaf) ALSO: ISO for new D23 cats

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    Let's see, top 5 most wanted. This is completely off the cuff and could change depending on when I think about it.
    1) WDI Villain Profile - Hades
    2) WDI Villain Profile - Headless Horseman
    3) WDI Villain Profile - Gaston
    4) Mr. Toad 60th Anniversary Diamond
    5) Beloved Tales - Hercules

    I am sure I am leaving out many Mr. Toad pins, so this list will probably change very soon.

    Honorable Mention:
    1) 122729 - Mochi D23 Cat Portrait!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mickeymousje View Post
    My top 5 Tangled grails:
    Pin 85996 Disney Store - Disney Princess Designer Collection - Rapunzel only
    Pin 97585 Disney Store - Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Set - Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Only
    Pin 95110 DSF - Beloved Tales - Tangled (surprise release)
    Pin 80648 Disney Tangled - Opening Day
    Pin 80877 DSF - El Capitan Marquee - Tangled

    My top 5 Frozen grails:
    Pin 112311 WDW - MVMCP 2015 - Tiered Set - Olaf and Sven LE 100 Completer Only
    Pin 115364 ACME - Collectable Art Pins - Ice Play 1
    Pin 115365 ACME - Collectable Art Pins - Ice Play II
    Pin 106721 DLR - Candlelight Processional 2014 - Olaf
    Pin 102235 Adventures by Disney - Norway - Sven
    Got the Tangled BT, the 2 Frozen ACME pins and the Adventures by Disney Sven pin

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    Posting one for my girlfriend.
    Pin 123558 LIAA 2017 - Sketching our Love Frame Set -Beauty and the Beast (Transformation pin)

    Pin 7969
    - Mulan with Umbrella

    Pin 93366 DLR - A Piece of Disney History: Aladdin, A Musical Spectacular

    Pin 10518 - Disney MGM Studios - On With the Show Pin Event (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

    Pin 40444 Disney Auctions - New Classics (Pocahontas)
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