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Thread: SOS! Dumbo Pin!

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    Help SOS! Dumbo Pin!

    I have been trading pins since I was a little girl and I received a Dumbo pin way back in the day. I faintly remember the guy telling me what a good choice I had made because the pin was special and from a different country. I have searched the internet trying to find this rare pin he gave me and have had no luck. Does anyone have any information on my pin?! Please help!

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    Can you post a picture of it?

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    Hi! Welcome to the forums!

    We'll need more information about the pin, since there are a lot of Dumbo pins out there. Photos of the front and back would be great. You won't be able to post photos directly to the forums just yet, since you don't have enough posts. But if you upload some photos to photobucket you can post the links to the photos here.

    If you are unable to take photos of it, can you describe it at least? Is there anything on the front of the pin besides Dumbo, like words or another character, or an identifiable landmark (such as the Statue of Liberty or Eiffel Tower)? Is Dumbo in a certain pose?

    Also, you can browse pinpics, which is an online database for pins. I have put in the search for you (I searched for Dumbo, and set the pins to sort oldest to newest since you said it was an older pin). Just follow this link:
    (Image wildly out of date; stay tuned!)

    Many thanks to SiuJerkJai for the amazing signature images! <3

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