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Thread: Help with Photobucket or another service

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    Help with Photobucket or another service

    I think I can't use Photobucket anymore to attach pictures here in DPF. Am I the only one and if not, what other services are available?


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    I believe that photobucket now requires a particular subscription in order to have photos posted on third party websites. (Though I may be mistaken.) I use tumblr to host my pictures, I just made a random blog and you post pictures to said blog, then grab the image URL from the post. It's less user friendly than most photo-sharing websites, but does the job well enough.

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    I've been using ImgBB to host pictures for the past year or so. I don't have an actual account with the website since the only time I need it is for a quick link to a picture so I have no idea the full extent of the website though I would assume you could make albums and such with it? But like I said you also don't need an actual account to us it

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    Yes Photobucket changed their rules , I've switched to Tinypic myself but Imgur is good too

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    I'm using imgur.

    Kritter has an imgur account:

    and if she did your signature (which I think she did, cuz I think I saw it in there)

    You can use the image link from there and save it here.
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    1,767 is super easy to use! I definitely recommend it, esp if you want to host your trader pics and share those.
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    When I don't use space at my own website, I use imgur. I highly recommend it as well. Very easy to use!

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