2018 Anaheim Golden Magic PTE: March 24, 2018 - What did you get?

Discussion in 'Pin Trading Gatherings' started by starry_solo, Feb 24, 2018.

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  1. slbrabham

    slbrabham Well-Known Member

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    Oh my! I've never seen this set. It looks beautiful. Sorry you and sis missed out on this beauty.
  2. Disneychildwithin

    Disneychildwithin No Disney Character Left Behind Proclaimer

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    Wow on those board trades! Looks like you can trade for some real gems. Congrats on your BT, it's a great one. Ugh, that batb frame is so beautiful!

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  3. this_and_that

    this_and_that Active Member

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    I had a great time yesterday’s PTE. I hope that it is but the first of many co-hosted by King Pins and Pinopolis Groups.

    I was very happy with the two LEs that I got off the King Pins boards, particularly with the second one that I had been unsuccessfully for some time been trying to trade for.

    Although I didn’t win any of the raffle drawings, I found them to be very exciting as they were done in groups of maybe at least three and they were a whole lot prizes given away.

    I was beyond delighted with the lovely jumbo I got off the Acme board.

    Thank you starry_solo for leaving it behind for me to pick!

    I am sorry but I did not even notice that you were in front of me, for it was somewhat late in the evening and I am not an evening person so I was sort of fading in and out the same way I tend to fade in and out at the DSSH releases because I get so very little sleep the night before.

    I was also surprised to find that the Acme folks actually had available for sale some of the Dancing Princess LE 300s that were released last Fall. I had been trying unsuccessfully to trade for the one of them for many months and last night I was able to pick it up for actual original cost.

    I was very pleased with the trading that I was able to do at my table.

    I was able to trade for more than one recent DSSH pin that I missed out on getting in person for both myself as well as two other long-time pin buddies.

    In addition, I was able to make very easy trades for three very hard to fine old Japan open edition pins that I had been seeking for some years.

    I also made more than a few other trades that I was very happy with.

    And I enjoyed interacting with multiple Newbies and small children even though I was not always able make trades with them.

    Now, I know I haven’t been at all specific about what pins I have traded for.

    With respect, this is not due to snobbery, but rather due to privacy concerns.

    I never detail what I trade for on social media. Is just simply not my style. Just to clarify, this is my own personal opinion as to what is comfortable for me.

    I mentioned this next item in my first post in this thread, but I believe it bears repeating: I do my very best trades at these hard-ticket events.

    One final comment.

    Although I was surprized at the sheer number of WDI Heroines and Clusters I saw people having available for trade at this event, I was not at all surprised at what those with them were expecting to get in exchange for them.

    And one of my greatest pleasures at the PTE was in having many of these folks wanting some of what I consider to be my hardest to find pins, expecting to made 1:1 trades for them, only to have them look at me in surprise when, on the rare occasions I even considered trading these pins for Heroines oins or Clusters, I gently informed them they would need to give me either 2:1 or 3:1.

    I attempted to soften the blow by telling them that to me, it is the lack of availability that determines a HTF pin rather than the willingness of others to pay high prices for pins that are readily available.

    So naturally with my being firm about this, I did not make any trades for either Heroines or Clusters. And I was completely OK with this.
  4. echan50

    echan50 Well-Known Member

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    I was really excited for this event as I have not been able to attend a pin event with trade boards for a few years. I really did not know what to expect but the best part of the night was seeing people I had not seen in a while.

    From the King Pins board I pulled off an Acme Greetings from Arendelle - Elsa and Anna pins. There were so many good pins on their board plus they are just the nicest people. They were giving instructions and helping clam the nerve of some of the younger traders to help them out at the board.

    From the PinPics board I pulled an Acme Greets from Arendelle - Olaf and an Acme Character Key Variant Pin of Buzz Lightyear.

    As far as trading I only made 2 trades as I'm not good about trading for traders, I'm too focused on the pins I'm looking for from my wants list.
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  5. TheMickeyMouseRules

    TheMickeyMouseRules Cat Expert Mouse Authority and Paperfolder

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    Very interesting that Acme had a box for your board traded Bambi LE 100 pin. I traded for one (101 Dalmations LE 100) at their LIAA evening event last August and was literally laughed at when I asked for the box. So now I have an LE 100 Acme pin with no box...
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  6. bookhugger

    bookhugger I love books!

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    Was it an AP? PP?
  7. TheMickeyMouseRules

    TheMickeyMouseRules Cat Expert Mouse Authority and Paperfolder

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    The person managing the board laughed and said there is no box because it is an AP. So I turned it over (in front of the board manager) to see if AP was marked on it and it wasn't. The board manager looked also and then shrugged his shoulders indifferently and to be honest he seemed a bit confused that it was not marked. Wasn't much I could do about it, so I smiled and thanked him for the trade and walked away... its still a nice pin. So perhaps its an AP, but I have nothing to support it is an AP except the board manager's random comment saying it is an AP.
  8. Ajk

    Ajk Not so new anymore.

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    I'm the same way. At an event, I'll trade a bit with the people around me in line, but pretty much never go to the tables. Just not my thing. But I love the boards.
  9. TheMickeyMouseRules

    TheMickeyMouseRules Cat Expert Mouse Authority and Paperfolder

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    My first few trading events I also only traded with private traders very causally for the most part while in line for the boards.

    At LIAA... I made a/an point/effort to go to the back area make private trades with other attendees... and was happy with the outcomes. That said, I love board trading... its one of my favorite parts of pin trading. Board trading is pin crack... and I am totally addicted to the rush and excitement of it. But... the best part of private trading is narrowing my focus and gaining pins which are grails or close to it. While board and private trading are both pin trading... that is where the similarity ends (for me), they are different activities in our hobby, taking into consideration what you want to accomplish.
  10. Sami

    Sami Well-Known Member

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    I didn't trade at this event, I was helping Lisa with Pinopolis Sales. I did though buy the Alice pin I wanted that was sold out online ^__^


    It was fun talking with attendees and hanging with the Pinopolis/PinPic people, Lisa and Lenny are very nice. It was nice to meet and chat with @Connies_Hobby, I noticed her button when she was at the Pinopolis table lol.

    I got these for my mom:



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