Are the Dark Tales the new Beloved Tales?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by starry_solo, Sep 11, 2017.

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  1. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    So, in all the craziness of today's online event registration, I was wondering, does anyone think the Dark Tales are the "new" Beloved Tales?

    DSSH previewed 7 or 8 of the 12 DTs this past week on the cards, interestingly enough.

    We learned that the card is black and it has the same font as the Beloved Tales. We also learned that they even printed the word "Beloved" on the card and crossed it out and replaced it with "Dark."

    So, now we are open for discussion. :hsd:
  2. this_and_that

    this_and_that Active Member

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    The card suggests to me that DSSH considers them to be.
  3. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    Definitely. They'll prob be priced similarly soon enough. I saw someone asking for $300 for Maleficent.
  4. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    I think so. DSF is classifying them as the same or at the very least a related series (with the backer card).

    I expect the price on these to fluctuate a bit but ultimately remain high. They are designed well, and there are loads of people who collect villains.
  5. bookhugger

    bookhugger I love books!

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    $300 for maleficent?! Wow!
  6. Jabberwocky

    Jabberwocky Cheshirefied DPF Charter Member

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    In the sense that they are a continuation of the BT series (only if you choose so) or in the sense that they will be worth what BT's are worth (hell no - due to the BT's that disappeared into the ether and collections over the years never to surface again thus ensuring scarcity)?

    I think they're comparable to the WDI round Villains series. Nice low LE villains pins in an attractive series when together.
  7. speedwaystar1

    speedwaystar1 UK Disney Fan

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    I certainly think that's what DSF thinks .
    I also think some of the prices being asked are crazy which is a lot like the Beloved Tales series :lol:
    I think I'll pass on the whole lot myself for now , for the 5 I was looking for it'd cost around $700 at the current FB prices which is way beyond what I personally value them at .
  8. NutMeg

    NutMeg The Nefarious N.M.G.

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    I think the whole concept of a villains "sister series" is beyond awesome, and I especially love the backing cards with the crossed-out name! That said, even though the sample pins look really nice quality-wise, imo the designs aren't on par with Beloved Tales. I think the BT pins are so gorgeous (for the most part) because they have really creative, incredibly detailed designs that are usually lifted from actual film scenes, like the Something There scene from BatB and Under the Sea from TLM. Beloved "Tales" is quite a fitting name, because the pins evoke stories, not just characters. Some of the Dark Tales pins do the same (mainly Ursula and the Queen of Hearts), but others are just sort of generic, standard character poses (like Lady Tremaine, Chernabog and Yzma.) They don't feel nearly as cinematic as the BT pins. Personally I think DT Scar is the least imaginative of the set - it looks a little too much like the WDI Villains Series pin released last year.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I know, I know, Scar playing with a mouse *is* from the film, but it still feels lackluster to me. I wish they would've chosen a more dynamic and iconic scene, such as Be Prepared, Mufasa's death, or Scar fighting Simba at the end. How badass would these moments look on a pin??

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I just feel like they could've done a lot more artistically, even with Lady Tremaine, who is probably the least exciting villain included the series (in the sense that she doesn't do anything particularly exciting, like fight Cinderella to the death in a blaze of hellfire.) Still, there are several visually striking shots of her in the film to draw inspiration from, such as when young Cinderella sees Tremaine for the first time, looming menacingly in the window, or when Tremaine stands in Cinderella's doorway with the key, about to lock her inside, and her eyes are glowing with malice.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    To be honest though, despite being somewhat disappointed with the series as a whole, I do really like the Hades and Facilier pins and hope I'll be able to add those to my collection someday, if I ever find a reasonable price or a trade I can live with. But these definitely aren't grail-level pins for me and I'd certainly never pay the huge markup prices I've already seen from sellers (anywhere from 4.5 x the original price to 13.6 x original price.) I realize this hobby is all about supply and demand, but damn, sellers are just so quick to exploit the collectors. But that's a rant for another thread... lol.

    Anyway, sorry for analyzing everything to death and being an all-around Debbie Downer! Hey, you wanted a discussion right? :D


    I know many people here are very enamored with this series, and if you like it, that's truly all that matters. I hope everyone pining for some (or all) of these pins is able to hunt them down! Good luck!! :)

    PS: Yep, still keep misreading Dark Tales as Duck Tales and instantly getting the theme song stuck in my head. It's a duck blur...
  9. tiggeriffic

    tiggeriffic DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Ok, so I'd pay to see that Cinderella movie! :lol:

    And, yes, it seems like everyone thinks the new pins that come out are automatically worth $100+. I guess they are if people are willing to pay that, but if you wait they almost always go down. If anyone is looking for a pin for a specific collection they should eventually be able to get it. I feel bad for the people that want to collect the whole set of these villains or whatever set. I can see why because they are mostly nice pins. I just sympathize with the $$ it will take to get them all.
  10. unibear

    unibear DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    I agree with NutMeg about the Scar pin. I collect cats, but I'm willing to forego this one because it looks like the WDI pin I already have. That being said, I actually like the Yzma pin because it is one of the very few pins that actually show her with the the open neck cowl and the Emperor's hat! So, I think I'll try to get that one...

    I'm still on the fence about the Lady Tremaine/Lucifer pin. It's not really about Lucifer and it looks like a lot of other pins out there.
  11. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    People do seem to think these are the next big "thing" coming out of DSSH. I've seen Maleficent for $250-300 and I've seen the entire set of 12 sell on eBay for $1400 shipped, so wacky!

    I wonder if they will drop in price or if they really are the next big "thing." I know I was thinking the dancing princesses, princess ovals, and fans would drop. The fans dropped briefly as did the ovals, but then they skyrocketed. The dancing princesses are $150-400 per pin, ovals are averaging around $200-250, and the fans are around $100-ish. :shock: I am still kicking myself for not buying the set of fans for $400 at Christmas. :rant:
  12. TornadoTitan

    TornadoTitan Nick Wilde's Biggest Fan

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    I was tempted to plan a trip back to California to try out this event, didn't know it would sell out that fast, though with only 150 spots not surprised. I do love the pins though, hope they do continue a series with Dark Tales.
  13. pinbum

    pinbum Member

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    I think the prices being charged reflect the cost to go to the event dsf drive up the prices not the resellers.
  14. Justin_Bieber

    Justin_Bieber Active Member

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    Maleficent just sold for 350 on bay they definitely are the new beloved tales
  15. Disneychildwithin

    Disneychildwithin Well-Known Member

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    Thank you, that would be me. :cry:
  16. Kiragigi

    Kiragigi Active Member

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    Too much reseller speculation to keep the value that high. Just like the WDI villain series-- the popular character(s) values have stayed high but about 3/4 of the profiles are $40 pins.

    The reason BTs are so high is exactly what Jabberwocky said-- that they have disappeared into people's collections and are so HTF. I personally would pay a premium for rarity-- but with all these new pins the prices will come down bc you see them at every trade event, in everyone's books, all over IG and Facebook, and everyone has it for sale.

    I'm going to go with Mark and be a bit of a Debbie Downer: I am already so over these pins and they haven't even been released yet. Too. Much. Hype.
  17. Kiragigi

    Kiragigi Active Member

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    Oops-- all that Scar talk I just assumed it was Mark! Sorry, Meg!
  18. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    Beloved Tales didn't start hiding away into people's collections for a while. I remember calling two weeks after the release and getting Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, Pete's Dragon, Three Little Pigs, Bedknobs & Broomsticks, and a few others at retail + shipping (back then it was $2-3 for shipping).

    I think these pins will take time, like the BTs, to appreciate in value but that they will eventually disappear into collections.
  19. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    Also, just did a search on "dark tales disney pin" for eBay. Right now, 35 listings. Six of those are for full sets of 12 pins, with the cheapest at $1200. One of those is for 7 of the 12 Dark Tales + 1 diecast marquee.

    The others are for the event pin or marquee and the others are dark tales as follows:
    Yzma: 2
    Maleficent: 1
    Ursula: 3
    Queen of Hearts: 3
    Evil Queen: 2
    Hades: 1
    Scar: 1
    Cruella: 3
    Chernabog: 1
    Jafar: 1
    Facilier: 1

    Then I went to sold listings and found 29 sold listings but two of those were for fantasy pins:
    Sets: 9
    Chernabog: 2
    Hades: 2
    Maleficent: 3
    Cruella: 1
    Scar: 2
    Queen of Hearts: 1
    Choice of Pin: 2

    Cheapest set of 12 sold for $800 x 2 (same seller sold two sets @ $800 each). Others were the event pins.
  20. ThisIsSimba1

    ThisIsSimba1 Resident Marvel Nerd

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    Personally, I kind of think the majority of them are relatively boring, and use similar artwork to what we've seen before, as a couple other people already pointed out. The only ones I really like are Hades, Yzma, and EQ, since they all look a bit unique compared to their other pins, and of those, I really only wanted Hades. But yeah, I could see these skyrocketing in price after the event like BTs

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  21. bookhugger

    bookhugger I love books!

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    Not that many on eBay, at least not as many as I thought there would be. Do you know how many are on FB?
  22. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    I have seen between 3 and 6 people selling or trading on FB. I have IG too, but am not on it that much so have no idea how many people are selling there. I was a little surprised to see that few people on FB selling or trading. There are a lot more people looking to go to the event and wanting to try to trade to get into the event as well (although there are plenty of them also wanting to go to the event for free as a name change [the people asking haven't said anything about paying for the entrance fee at all)
  23. a4matte

    a4matte Poor Unfortunate Soul

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    I saw that one. My BF collects Maleficent and saw that pin on the flyer "O.M.G. I NEED THAT."
    Showed him the price. "... Ok, maybe I don't need it that much."
  24. pins4twin

    pins4twin Well-Known Member

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    I agree about the Beloved Tales being in people's collections. I went to the DSF store back in 2008, I think. I bought two Beloved Tales that were still on the rack. There were even more than these two, I think. Just found them in my collection, I forgot I even had them. One Hunchback pin and one Cinderella. Very nice. Regretting I did not buy more.
  25. AidanShepard

    AidanShepard A Villainous Villain!

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    I think it's the hype right now. Thankfully, the only one I really want is Facilier, and Facilier tends to stay on the lower end of pricing.

    I don't know. I think they'll be like the WDI Villains perhaps. I don't think the prices will stay up too massively high when the hype kinda dies down. Kinda like the D23 pins, you know?

    But I could be wrong. XD;

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