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Discussion in 'DPF Game Room' started by Tsuki, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Tsuki

    Tsuki Active Member

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    Because I'm nosey and thought I'd add something to the games room :). Code here:

    Talking to:
    Listening to:
    Waiting for:
    Wearing: Lion King PJs
    Hair: Up and messy
    Eating: Nothing but did have Tofu noodles before :)
    Drinking:Fizzy pineapple juice
    Thinking:I'm rather tired but if I go to bed now I'll be awake at silly o' clock
    Feeling: Tired
    Talking to: My partner
    Listening to: The TV
    Watching: My partner play a game on his Xbox One
    Loving: This forum <3
    Hating:Nothing at the moment :)
    Wanting: MONEY!! Ok to go to bed XD
    Waiting for: Bed time
    Weather:Cold, wet and windy
    Time: 9:37pm
    Hoping:For the weather to be OK tomorrow
    Situation: OK
  2. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    Wearing: Polar bear thermal and pink fuzzy PJ pants
    Hair: bangs are braided along the front, and everything is tied into a ponytail
    Eating: just had some Haribo gummies
    Drinking: English breakfast tea
    Thinking: how else to research "radar" for small indoor autonomous robots
    Feeling: thrilled with my newest zap :D still not over it
    Talking to: myself as I fill this out?
    Listening to: Moana soundtrack
    Watching: the OA (on Netflix)
    Loving: my growing pin collection!
    Hating: having to decide how to spend my pin budget this month lol
    Wanting: unlimited supply of all the pins!
    Waiting for: my trip to Austin, TX
    Weather: it's been raining a LOT in SoCal
    Time: to party? Just kidding, it's almost time to meet my thesis advisor (it's 3pm)
    Hoping: that I am as good of a student/engineer as I think I am
    Situation: everything is pretty good for the most part! Just need to manage my time a bit better (too much allocated to pins right now!)
  3. PixiePost

    PixiePost Previously SoraPandora

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    Sure, I'll play!

    Wearing: Pug pajamas :)
    Long, loose, and multicolored.
    Nothing yet this morning.
    Coffee (with sugar and coconut milk).
    About making toast. :like:
    Talking to:
    No one, at the moment.
    Listening to:
    A documentary about bats is on in the background.
    Binge-watched A Series of Unfortunate Events yesterday.
    Life, books, my cat.
    Nothing, really.
    The Dormouse pin that just got released at DSSH. :hsd:
    To figure out what I'm doing today.
    It's a blustery day.
    10:45 AM.
    To make some money by selling my stuff.
    (I went on a spending spree after Christmas, and I'm paying for it now, LOL.)

    Really good, aside from the not-too-pressing money trouble. :madhatter:
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  4. AshleyV

    AshleyV Well-Known Member

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    Wearing: Star Wars/baseball PJs
    Hair: Messy bun
    Eating: Canned peaches
    Drinking: Apple juice
    Thinking: About the next article I have to write today
    Feeling: Sick :(
    Talking to: My cat, until the humans awake
    Listening to: Nothing at the moment, but I’ve been loving the La La Land soundtrack!
    Watching: Alice Through the Looking Glass
    Loving: My cat, my boyfriend, new work projects
    Hating: Alice Through the Looking Glass
    Wanting: To figure out how to pick up more freelancing writing gigs, maybe even a few about Disneyland
    Waiting for: Tomorrow, so I can spend my day off with my sister
    Weather: Sunny and cold
    Time: 11:10am
    Hoping: That this cold goes away before too long
    Situation: I’ve been better, but life isn’t too bad these days. :)
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  5. tinkerbelle1956

    tinkerbelle1956 Active Member

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    Wearing: Floral PJ's
    Hair: medium length, down & waves
    Eating: Hershey bar with Almonds
    Drinking: Peach Iced Tea
    Thinking: about my brother & mom in heaven
    Feeling: Depressed
    Talking to: my puppy Chloe
    Listening: I'll be seeing you
    Watching: Football Game
    Loving: my husband and son
    Hating: no one
    Wanting: to sell my Tinkerbell pins
    Waiting for: Trump's Inauguration
    Weather: Cold & Windy
    Time: 10:15 PM
    Situation: missing my brother
  6. GoofyinMadison

    GoofyinMadison PinPics: DIZFAN

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    Wearing: sweatpants & a hooded sweatshirt
    Hair: pulled back
    Eating: caramel corn
    Drinking: Chardonnay
    Thinking: I'm too sore to get off the couch
    Feeling: Sore & tired
    Talking to: My dog, Belle
    Listening to: football game
    Watching: Football game
    Loving: That I took a huge donation to our humane society today, plus I finished cleaning the house, the refrigerator, making turkey,mashed potatoes & dressing, and last load of wash is in.
    Hating: Cleaning (but it feels so good when it's done)
    Wanting: To finish getting pins together for a pin game
    Waiting for: energy to get up
    Weather: Cold (25 degrees), but warmer than it has been all week.
    Time: 9:27 pm cst
    Hoping: To win the lottery & that I don't catch my husband's nasty cold
    Situation: Happy it's the end of the day & that I got everything done that I wanted to today, including sending pins to KristieD that I promised her.
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  7. Tsuki

    Tsuki Active Member

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    Wearing: A Pikachu Hoodie and PJ bottoms
    Hair: Up and messy
    Eating: Kettle Chips
    Drinking: Coffee
    Thinking: Better go round to my folks soon.
    Feeling: Lazy
    Talking to: My Fiance
    Listening to: The TV
    Watching: Think the JK show is on but I'm not really watching it.
    Loving: Pins!
    Hating: Having no money :(
    Wanting: Pins and Money XD
    Waiting for: Tomorrow morning when we go out for breakfast for my Birthday :)
    Weather: Sunny but cold
    Time: 4:06pm
    Hoping: I get a few pennies for my birthday ^^;.
    Situation: Could be worse :)
  8. Pengy

    Pengy On a mission to visit every Disney park worldwide.

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    Wearing: Penguin pj's
    Hair: ponytail
    Eating: nothing
    Drinking: nothing
    Thinking: I need a vacation
    Feeling: Sad
    Talking to: No one
    Listening to: The tv
    Watching: Blue Bloods
    Loving: My puppy
    Hating: The inauguration
    Wanting: Sleep
    Waiting for: Someone to text me
    Weather: COLD - I hate Chicago
    Time: 9:40pm
    Hoping: The next 4 years aren't as bad as I think its going to be
    Situation: Stuck.
  9. Luki

    Luki Member

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    Wearing: Buddy the Elf sweats and a retro Star Wars t-shirt
    Hair: thinning
    Eating: nothing
    Drinking: Diet Coke
    Thinking: A million different things
    Feeling: Optimistic
    Talking to: My wife, my son, a work friend
    Listening to: Nothing
    Watching: Nothing
    Loving: Life
    Hating: No time for hate!
    Wanting: To have certain creative skills I lack haha
    Waiting for: Better weather
    Weather: Not. Good.
    Time: 9:59pm
    Hoping: For a particular client to say 'yes'
    Situation: Excellent.
  10. Tsuki

    Tsuki Active Member

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    Wearing: Pusheen Pj bottoms and a TLK hoodie
    Hair: Up and messy.
    Eating: N/A but will be making raman later.
    Drinking: Pepsi
    Thinking: It's my birthday tomorrow but I've no idea what to do D=.
    Feeling: Lazy XD
    Talking to: My Fiance and two friends via texts.
    Listening to: My fiance playing on the PS4.
    Watching: Same as above.
    Loving: My fiance and friends.
    Hating: Getting older D=
    Wanting: Money? XD
    Waiting for: The washing machine to finish.
    Weather: Dark, snowing a bit and cold.
    Time: 5:12pm
    Hoping: For a nice day tomorrow.
    Situation: OK :)
  11. jprincess

    jprincess Active Member

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    Wearing- comfy hoodie and sweat pants


    Eating-nothing at the moment

    Drinking- had some water

    Thinking- my alarm clock is set too early

    Feeling- tired

    Talking to- nobody

    Listening to- my aroma therapy machine

    Watching- nothing

    Loving- my pillow

    Hating- having to wake up early

    Wanting- Vacation

    Waiting for- summer


    Time: 1:12 AM

    Situation- Seeking more joy

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  12. xdattax

    xdattax Well-Known Member

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    Wearing: old high school gym shirt and softer shorts
    Hair: mess. Per usual.
    Eating: just finished a junior frosty
    Drinking: nothing, but did verify my Irish cream is still good. So there's that.
    Thinking: that it would be nice to find a 57 Bel Air to have as a project car, even if it comes in boxes.
    Feeling: annoyed. The old man never taught me auto mechanics. I hate being a female trying to not look like an idiot at the mechanic.
    Talking to: you people via the forum. ;)
    Listening to: my fan
    Watching: iPhone screen
    Loving: it's almost Friday
    Hating: this diet. Eating healthy sucks, I'm still hungry. :p
    Wanting: the villain WDI pins I want to magically appear on eBay for reasonable amounts of money
    Waiting for: an Alola vulpix plushie to be released in the US. My Kanto Vulpix wants a non-eeveelution buddy
    Weather: south Florida winter
    Time: 9:51
    Hoping: tomorrow will be a quiet day in the office
    Situation: two quilts need to be finished before July. Maybe I'll be good and get chopping on them tomorrow.
  13. Manta

    Manta Member

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    Wearing: long sleeve shirt with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf on it, gray skirt with snowflakes on it, black leggings
    Hair: pigtails:p
    Eating: nothing but I'm about to go have a sandwich
    Drinking: nothing but I'm about to have strawberry lemonade
    Thinking: That I'd like to go to F.Y.E. or Barnes and Noble this afternoon...
    Feeling: hungry
    Talking to: nobody
    Listening to: the cat Max snoring:lol: (but I was listening to some music my friend recommended:))
    Watching: computer screen at the moment!XD I will probably watch Once Upon a Time later today (on DVD)
    Loving: all the new music I've been listening to recently
    Hating: the tests I have for school...:/
    Wanting: Kari Rueslåtten's Spindelsinn album
    Waiting for: school to end...
    Weather: windy, 46degrees F
    Time: 1:11 PM
    Hoping: that my little sister and I will sell all our stuff at our yard sale this spring, lol:p
    Situation: ​hmm...meh, I suppose...
  14. quicksilver493

    quicksilver493 Gonna be a MIGHTY king!

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    Wearing: Hufflepuff shirt, sweatpants and my favorite plaid jacketHair: Short, messy, blonde
    Eating: nothing now
    Drinking: nothing
    Thinking: about politics
    Feeling: anxious, upset, nervous
    Talking to: my sister
    Listening to: our birds and Hamilton
    Watching: vines on Youtube
    Loving: my dog, cats and birds
    Hating: school
    Wanting: more Lion King stuff
    Waiting for: school packages to arrive
    Weather: "yikes"
    Time: 2:20 pm
    Hoping: for the best
    Situation: uhh?
  15. dancecats

    dancecats Administrator Staff Member DPF Administrator

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    Wearing: black yoga pants, white sweatshirt with rose print, and black socks
    Hair: up in a ponytail
    Eating: nothing now
    Drinking: hot tea with milk and sugar
    Thinking: mentally running through my new dance steps while contemplating going upstairs to take a shower
    Feeling: really sore (dance class last night was tough)
    Talking to: nobody
    Listening to: (as I type this) the Doctor show off as he saves the world (again)
    Watching: Doctor Who
    Loving: my sweet doggie
    Hating: the schizophrenic weather (especially the wind!)
    Wanting: to move back to Europe
    Waiting for: Sherlock season 4 DVD to arrive in the post
    Weather: currently 59 F/15 C
    Time: ​23.38 PST
    Hoping: I can place top 3 in my dance competitions soon
    Situation: generally good, but really hating the weather right now (allergies anyone?)

  16. AvatarAng1

    AvatarAng1 DPF Court Jester

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    Wearing: Jeans and Lion King Tee
    Hair: Think of the worst hairstyle imaginable, that is how I do.
    Eating: Everything I can
    Drinking: Sweet Tea
    Thinking: Lol, do you think
    Feeling: All of the feels
    Talking to: The man in the mirror
    Listening to: Can you feel the love tonight?
    Watching: My youth slip away
    Loving: Love
    Hating: Hate
    Wanting: To go to sleep
    Waiting for: Docfish2u's party! :D
    Weather: I don't know. Is night a good answer?
    Time: Too late
    Hoping: What's hope again?
    Situation: Happy :D
  17. Tsuki

    Tsuki Active Member

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    Wearing: Jigglypuff onesie
    Hair: Up and messy
    Eating: Chilli
    Drinking: Monster
    Thinking: I wonder what he's got planned for tomorrow.
    Feeling: Better
    Talking to: N/A
    Listening to: The TV
    Watching: Whatever's on TV XD
    Loving: My fiance and family
    Hating: Insomnia
    Wanting: For my insomnia to go.
    Waiting for: My fiance to finish work
    Weather: Dark and Cold
    Time: 7:05pm
    Hoping: To sleep better tonight
    Situation: OK :)
  18. Piglet

    Piglet Member

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    A Jigglypuff onesie? So jealous!
  19. Baby Mine

    Baby Mine Member

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    Wearing: Jeans, Red Lifeguard Hoodie
    Hair: Down and Straight
    Eating: Potato Chips
    Drinking: Lemonade
    Thinking: I really need to finish this homework
    Feeling: Awesome
    Talking to: The Computer Screen
    Listening to: Revival by Selena Gomez
    Watching: A Blank Screen
    Loving: My Mom and My Pets
    Hating: Bullies
    Wanting: To go to WDW tomorrow
    Waiting for: My Mom to get home from work.
    Weather: Very nice today, suppose to snow tomorrow
    Time: 5:09 P.M.
    Hoping: To get off school tomorrow because of the snow
    Situation: Awesome
  20. Stinkerbell

    Stinkerbell Member

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    Wearing: Gray Maternity Sweat Pants, Light Blue Maternity Top
    Hair: Down
    Eating: Chicken Noodle Soup
    Drinking: Water
    Thinking: Come on baby!!!!!
    Feeling: Tired
    Talking to: My Mom
    Listening to: The Pretty Reckless: Going To Hell
    Watching: My 2 kiddos play with Play Doh
    Loving: My kiddos
    Hating: Rude People
    Wanting: To have baby #3 today
    Waiting for: my water to break
    Weather: blah and rainy
    Time: 2:30 p.m. EST
    Hoping: To have a beautiful healthy baby to hold very soon
    Situation: Sleepy
  21. Tsuki

    Tsuki Active Member

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    Wearing: Pikachu hoodie and PJ bottoms
    Hair: Messy
    Eating: We have no food in :/
    Drinking: Ribena
    Thinking: Hope this isn't coming back :/
    Feeling: A bit down.
    Talking to: N/A
    Listening to: The TV
    Watching: Ellen Show
    Loving: My PS4
    Hating: Feeling bleh
    Wanting: To have motivation
    Waiting for: My fiance to come home.
    Weather: Freezing
    Time: 3:37pm
    Hoping: To have a better day tomorrow
    Situation: Meh

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