Beauty and the Beast 10th Anniversary DVD Disney Story Pin

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Paula G, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. Paula G

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    Hello everyone, I just joined this board. Does anyone know if the Beauty and the Beast 10th Anniversary pin, sold at the Disney Store when the DVD came out, is actually a trading pin? Does it have the official trading pin emblem on the back? Would love to know this before I purchase one online.

  2. hopemax

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    The Official Disney Pin Trading Emblem didn't exist before part way through the year in 2001. The starburst style didn't exist until 2009. Official Disney Pin Trading started in Oct 1999 and Disney sold pins in the 80's and 90's. The point of this is that the emblem is NOT what determines what is a trading pin. The rules for CM trading are 1. Does it have a Disney copyright? 2. Is it metal? Disneyland Paris does require the Emblem, I believe. But for US parks they are supposed to accept anything with the copyright (but some CM's get uppity about it and don't read the rules). If it's for your collection, you will come across many older pins that won't have the emblem on the back. But honestly, that's a good thing because it's indicative of the age, and pins that old have not been typically counterfeited/scrapped/fake etc.

    To answer your question specifically, this pin (assuming you are talking about Pinpics #12992) has an atypical back. It is as described on Pinpics. There is a Mickey head texture (although one very different than the ones you see today) and only says Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It doesn't have an ODPT emblem, nor does it have a Disney copyright. But it is an official Disney pin.
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  3. Ajk

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    If it helps, this is what the back of that pin looks like.


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