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Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Belle, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. OlafOlaf

    OlafOlaf dreamer

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    Time for a new sig, if you have time. :)

    Just simple and straightforward (something like Helvetica, so sans serif). And apart from the pin numbers, nothing else.

    ANIMATED OR NON-ANIMATED?: Animated, switching between my collections:
    Emperor's New Groove
    Princess and the Frog
    Side collections


    #33856 (Stitch and Lilo as Aladdin)
    #33859 (Stitch as Dalmatian)
    #36545 (Stitch as Cheshire)
    #39127 (Stitch as Maleficent)
    #49860 (Stitch and Lilo as Little Mermaid)
    #87770 (Stitch as AIW)

    #80446 (Thrill Rides)
    #90007 (PODM)
    #88203 (Pin-Doll)
    #93895 (Green Pascal PTD)
    #97585 (Designer couple)
    #103335 (Tangled Marquee #2)
    #100744 (Best Hair)

    #34079 (Yzma)
    #39487 (Jumbo pin)
    #48740 (Villains Yzma)
    #96604 (Kuzco PTD)
    #12735 (Llama)

    #25133 (Transformations)
    #25547 (Spaghetti scene)
    #45986 (Snow White)
    #68827 (Maleficent)
    #92495 (designer Maleficent)

    #74924 (Louis from PATF)
    #86668 (Young Charlotte and Tiana)
    #86000 (Designer Tiana)
    #98390 (PTD)
    #74922 (PATF series)
    #74996 (Naveen spinner)
    #76772 (Mama Odie)

    BACKGROUND IMAGE(s): I honestly don't mind if you would choose something, but nothing too busy. Maybe just something like yours.

    COLOR SCHEME, THEME?: Artist's choice

    EXTRAS?: Just do something you like, I don't mind. As long as the pins and numbers are on it.
  2. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Thank you I will pm you once ready!
  3. cristywill

    cristywill Active Member

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    This is so sweet of you to do this! I'd like one too :) thanks!

    TEXT: whatever you think looks good

    ANIMATED OR NON-ANIMATED?: animated; 4



    Snow White:
    Pin 72325
    Pin 59679
    Pin 94635
    Pin 77660
    Pin 92496
    Pin 87479
    Pin 86003

    Little Mermaid:
    Pin 68864
    Pin 32968
    Pin 42819
    Pin 85960
    Pin 86001
    Pin 92498
    Pin 98001

    Beauty and The Beast:
    Pin 49654
    Pin 38674
    Pin 68866
    Pin 35369
    Pin 85007
    Pin 85997
    Pin 82599

    Pin 30712
    Pin 57573
    Pin 55751
    Pin 78637
    Pin 85442
    Pin 85999

    Snow: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb...000px-Snow_White_and_the_Seven_Dwarfs_007.JPG

    Little mermaid: http://animatedviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/bleu.jpg
    Beauty and The Beast: http://www.1zoom.me/big2/240/306403-Sepik.jpg


    COLOR SCHEME, THEME?: Whatever you think looks good

    EXTRAS?: None
  4. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Thank you cristywill I have just completed olafolaf's signature I have been super busy with my new job I will try and get yours complete asap :)
  5. MarieGrace

    MarieGrace Best. Day. EVER!!

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    Snow- Don't worry about it then. :). I don't want you to go to all that trouble.
  6. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    I have two signatures I need to complete. I am extremely busy with work and other commitments right now so unfortunately the signature shop will be temporary closed for now.

    Hopefully when life gets a little less hectic for me I can complete some more but for now it will just be those two xx
  7. disneykitty24

    disneykitty24 IM GONNA WRECK IT!!!

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    Hi Snow :D The signatures you have made for members are beautiful :) I see that you are very busy right now, but I was wondering if I could put my name on a wait list? I would absolutely love to get one, whenever you have time of course :) Plz let me know when you can :hs:
  8. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Hi thank you so much. Unfortunately my software has broken somehow I am trying to find a fix for this if not I will have to find a new copy somewhere and it's not very cheap.. I have a lot of expenses right now coming up to Christmas :(

    I will make a note and will let you know if and when I have the software working again!! X
  9. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Hi everyone, I have just managed to somehow fix my software thanks to a friend of mine. YAAAAAY

    So signature requests are now

  10. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Latest signature request completed for cristywill :)

  11. cristywill

    cristywill Active Member

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    Thanks so much! I love it!
  12. Loomi

    Loomi Active Member

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    Hi Snow! :) Do you think you may be able to amend my signature for me? I am thinking of taking out the Djali slide to add in some Sven grails instead, and perhaps an extra Lion King slide :- ) And I do have one Lion King pin to tick off as being found! :) Let me know if this would be okay and I will post details in your form again? :- )
  13. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Of course its ok!!!! X
  14. OlafOlaf

    OlafOlaf dreamer

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    Hey Snow! Do you have time to make a new sig? If so I can fill in the form again.
  15. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Yes I do :)
  16. OlafOlaf

    OlafOlaf dreamer

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    Yay! Starting some new collections so a new sig is good.

    TEXT: Something like mine right now, simple like Helvetica or something, and only the pin numbers

    ANIMATED OR NON-ANIMATED?: I'd like animated please, switching between collections (5 collections, 5 pages)


    #34079 (Auctions Yzma)
    #33086 (Kuzco)
    #39487 (cast jumbo)
    #93725 (crowpocalypse Kronk)
    #96999 (Loco for Llamas)
    #100799 (Imagination Gala Kronk)
    #48740 (jumbo auctions) (you can mark this one as found, fun to have a found pin on a sig lol)

    #47451 (Father's Day Auctions)
    #34722 (Auctions Family)
    #91740 (Jack Jack PTD)
    #41848 (Halloween Edna & Jack Jack)
    #43131 (Auctions family jumbo) (you can also mark this as found)
    #85078 (110th Legacy)
    #74128 (DS EU)

    #93030 (Ray PTD)
    #74922 (Tiana and Naveen as Frogs)
    #86668 (Young Charlotte and Tiana)
    #76771 (Ray Mystery Set)
    #74543 (Engagement)
    #74996 (Naveen spinner)
    #86000 (designer Tiana)

    CHESHIRE & FIGARO (could you squeeze 8 pins on this page instead of 7? If not, you can leave out #63641)
    #62234 (Figaro Butterfly)
    #53096 (Invisible Cheshire)
    #30652 (Hep Cat)
    #63641 (Jumbo Cheshire)
    #46018 (Disney Cats Jumbo)
    #85308 (110th Legacy, Frankie & Figaro)
    #83899 (110th Legacy, Figaro & Cleo)
    #96755 (Figaro PTD)

    #68863 (BT Aristocats)
    #31940 (Thumper Expressions set)
    #101847 (Sven Sorcerer hat)
    #106885 (Sven D23)
    #85424 (BT Ratatouille)
    #68841 (Thumper & Family)
    #81303 (Christmas Mike Wazowski)

    BACKGROUND IMAGE(s): You can choose again, I really liked your choices for the first one. :)

    COLOR SCHEME, THEME?: Artist's choice

    EXTRAS?: Nope, just have fun haha
  17. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Thank you I will start straight away :)
  18. frozenlanterns

    frozenlanterns Active Member

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    I'm in need of a new signature :)

    : On only the "Lumpy" slide, please: "Riley's Grails", in whatever style or color you think would look best

    ANIMATED OR NON-ANIMATED?: Animated, please! 4 slides - Lumpy, Tinker Bell, Frozen, Flynn Rider

    Pin 85880: Willabee & Ward - Winnie the Pooh Collection - Piglet Riding Lumpy the Heffalump
    Pin 36734: Pooh's Heffalump Movie Round Button
    Pin 41009: Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Lumpy Sprays Roo
    Pin 55292: DLRP - Pin Trading Night - Lumpy
    Tinker Bell:
    Pin 79821: DSF - El Capitan Marquee- Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
    Pin 100320: DSSH - Pirate Fairy Movie El Capitan marquee
    Pin 24312: Disney Auctions - Tinker Bell Model Sheet
    Pin 25793: Disney Auctions - Tinker Bell Model Sheet #2
    Also, I know this adds more work for you, and I'm sorry, but I would really like to acknowledge the fact that David got me one of my grails, so could you do this pin, but put "docfish2u" over it? If it's too much work, you don't have to worry about it: Pin 65005: DSF - El Capitan Theater Marquee - Disney's Tinker Bell
    Pin 102860: DSSH -Frozen Anna and Hans Coronation
    Pin 103819: DSSH - Elsa Spherical Window
    Pin 99143: DLP - Frozen pin with Anna and Olaf
    Pin 102102: Pin Trading Event - PrincessesTea Time - Anna macaron
    Pin 102105: Pin Trading Event - Princesses Tea Time - Elsa Macaroon
    Flynn Rider:
    Pin 88583: Disney Store Europe - Tangled Gondola Pin
    Pin 80446: WDI - Princesses and Princes on Thrill Rides - Rapunzel & Flynn on Big Thunder Mountain Pin
    Pin 106790: WDI - Flynn Rider wearing Sorcerer Hat (no image; here's one from Google:)
    Pin 99482: DSSH – St. Valentine’s letter – Rapunzel

    Tinker Bell: peter-pan2-disneyscreencaps.com-2134.jpg
    Frozen: frozen-disneyscreencaps.com-10494.jpg
    Flynn Rider: tangled-disneyscreencaps.com-2803.jpg

    : Up to you :)

    : No, thank you! I think I've asked for enough already.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2014
  19. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Thank you lovely I will add you to my list x
  20. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    OlafOlaf completed signature.


    LumpyLover I will try finish yours this weekend :)
  21. Loomi

    Loomi Active Member

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    Okay, I am back! This has taken some thought but I think I am settled on what I would like to show in my sig :- )

    TEXT: n/a :- )

    ANIMATED OR NON-ANIMATED?: yes please, and I'll go for the 5 slides this time :x

    PP/DPP NUMBERS INCLUDED??: no thank you!


    Some slides as my current sig but with some changes.. and slightly re-ordered if that's not too much of a pain?? :- )

    SLIDE 1 - Lion King Simba Leaf Mane - As existing no changes :- )

    SLIDE 2 - Lion King Muffy and Sarabi - As existing, but could we tick off the one in the top left corner (circular pin with Sarabi, Mufasa and Baby Simba)? Maybe with a lion pawprint or some other kind of lion king motif?

    SLIDE 3 - Scar -
    http://pridelands.eu/hd/image3027.html (that image if possible :- ) )
    Pin 28624 - WDW Featured Artist (Scar and Hyenas) Jim Tronoski
    Pin 30691 WDW AK Adventures in Pin Trading - Artists Choice - Scar, Simba and Hyenas
    Pin 38944 Disney Auctions - Villains and Sidekicks (Scar & Hyenas)
    Pin 86918 DisneyStore.com LE The Lion King
    Pin 101246 Animal Kingdom Chester & Hesters Pin-O-Rama - Scar & Zazu Framed Set Coloured Pin Only
    Pin 40105 Disney Auctions P.I.N.S - Simba in Stampede

    SLIDE 4 - Djali - As exisiting but could we tick off the following two pins with a 'Thanks Docfish2u!' on there? In any readable clear font :- )
    Two on far left, i.e skipping ProPin Djali and sitting up Djali?

    SLIDE 5 - Jock and a very random Sven that doesn't fit anywhere else XD
    http://screencaps.us/195/5-lady-and-the-tramp/full/lady-tramp-disneyscreencaps.com-8555.jpg Image :- )
    Pin 61096 Lady and the Tramp - Booster Set - Jock and Scamp only
    Pin 21602 Disney Auctions - Disney Dogs 2003 Jock
    Pin 39498 Disney Auctions - Sidekicks (Tramp & Jock)
    Pin 74495 Disneystore.com - Jumbo Holiday Lady and the Tramp Pin
    Pin 106132 DSSH Very Bad Slip Sven

    BACKGROUND IMAGE(s): Above :- )


    EXTRAS?: Thank you again and let me know if any of this is troublesome :- )
  22. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Thank you Loomi I will start it tonight :)
  23. FarFromDreams

    FarFromDreams Member

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    If you have time I would love one of your signatures they're so pretty!

    TEXT: What ever you think will look best

    ANIMATED OR NON-ANIMATED?: Yes please :)

    PP/DPP NUMBERS INCLUDED??: Yes please :), pin pics numbers

    Slide One: Beauty and the Beast
    background or something similar:
    • Sliding on Bookcase: Pin 85007 or 86352
    • Belle Marries Gaston: Pin 55055
    • Christmas: Pin 81283
    • Haunted Mansion: Pin 80466
    • Stained Glass: Pin 47234
    • Belle Graphic Novel: Pin 61285
    • Bad Hair Day Beast: Pin 106230

    Slide Two: Little Mermaid
    background or something similar:

    • Vanessa: pin 15754
    • Rock Scene: Pin 46300
    • PODM: pin 90495 (Could you add "grotto scene" underneath the pin pics number?)
    • Impressionist: Pin 69256
    • Kiss the Girl Marquee: Pin 97840
    • Goofed-up valentines day: Pin 44702
    • Eric Magazine: Pin 52202

    Slide Three: Princess Pins
    background or something similar:


    • Castle Pin: Pin56161
    • Brave tartan: Pin 90464
    • Jasmine in the Hourglass: Pin 85442 (could you add zapped by "docfish2u & AFT" over top of this pin?)
    • Kida: Pin 5558
    • Matchmaker on fire: Pin 38102
    • Carriage: Pin 38153
    • Anna and Hans: Pin 102860

    Slide Four: Ostrich Pins
    background or something similar:


    Slide Five: Overflow Sleeping Beauty and Wall-E
    Background: Whatever you think works best

    • Wall-E Beloved Tales: Pin 95772
    • Wall-E Christmas Lights: Pin 66549
    • Sleeping Beauty Asleep and Dragon: Pin 67123
    • Merryweather Sorcerers hat : Pin 97658
    • Sleeping Beauty Owl: Pin 64501
    • Sleeping Beauty Dancing Scene: Pin 19304
    COLOR SCHEME, THEME?: Whatever you think will look best

    EXTRAS?: Nothing I can think of :)

    Thank you and no hurry I know it's around the holidays
  24. taram

    taram Active Member

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    Wow just wanna say that ALL of those Signatures you have done are so Beautiful!!! :bigthumb:
  25. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Thank you that means a lot taram :)
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