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Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by Disneychildwithin, Jul 27, 2017.

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    So I have 2 slightly different Cindy pins, I'm wondering if 1 or both are scrappers?

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    Hard to tell from those pics, but I am guessing you may have at least one fake. I have some originals from that series, and have seen a lot of fakes. I can tell you the fakes I have seen usually have a gold color that is more yellow than the real set. I'll try to upload some Ariel Pins for comparison.

    Looking at your pins, the backs look pretty convincing, except the numbers are different from the 4 real ones I have (perhaps they changed the FAC number, or perhaps yours are fake, I honestly don't know on that one). I have 2 Belle's, 1 Ariel and 1 Snow White that I know re legit as I bought them in unopened packs at Animal Kingdom.

    Snow White Has FAC-000122-17150 on the back.
    Belle has FAC FAC-000122-16050 on the back
    Ariel has FAC-000122-16060 on the back

    All 4 of mine were purchased in June 2017.

    Judging by your pins, I'd guess the FAC-000122-17160 is the correct number

    Also, the one on the right has a blotchy (for lack of better word) blue background. Blotchiness is a sign of fakes and scrappers (mostly fakes).
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