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    Some of you may be aware of the iOS / Android "Collectible PinTrader" app used for keeping track of your Disney Pin collection, wants, and traders. It's been released on both the Apple and Google app stores since July 11th, 2018. If you want to try it out, search for "Collectible PinTrader" in either store. You can either create an account once you download it or you can login as a guest just to see how it works. The app now has a website to go with it at Collectible PinTrader The apps and the website share a common server, so anything you do on one is available on the other.

    All images and most of the pin information will be shared with the public under a Creative Commons License. This means that photos and information which are used by the app will be available to the public for whatever use they choose -- including creating another app or website for Disney Pin trading -- as long as they also share their photos and data freely. It's the community's work and it should stay in the community. The link to the shared drive is on the Facebook page.
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    Just trying to get a feeling for how many people are using this. Let me know.
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    I have this app on my phone. Great for tracking hidden mickeys while running around the parks. It has all of the current hidden Mickey's for wdw and dlr. Tracking mystery sets seems to be a excellent use for it.
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    I also have/use the app but see it’s going to be an uphill battle on building their data warehouse...shame too because a useable app is really what you need when you’re on the run in parks and at events...but as other users said for mystery boxes/bags and HM works for what you need and ease of use to find

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    Last I checked, the app/website was at around 750 members. As others have said, the size of the database is the limiting factor at the moment. I try to make sure things like Hidden Mickeys are available as soon as possible so that people can use it when at the parks. If there are other sets which people really want to see sooner, let me know.

    Otherwise, what we most need is people willing and able to moderate. Thanks to PinTradingDB, we have over 20,000 pins waiting to go live following moderation. If anyone is interested in helping with that process, let me know.
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    While at the mall, I realized that if you could also prioritize the Box Lunch / Loungefly pins being added to the database, that would be great. While I keep pretty good track of picking up the pins from my primary collections, with the "buy 2 get 1 free, under $10" promo they run all the time, I pick up a bunch of other pins too and I do a worse job keeping track of which ones I have. So if I could check an app, while out shopping it would be very useful.
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    Looks like we have around 50 Loungefly pins in the system awaiting moderation. I'll see if we can get those up sooner rather than later :) Thanks for the suggestion.
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