D23 Expo Meet?

Discussion in 'Pin Trading Gatherings' started by erikr, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. erikr

    erikr Active Member

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    Hey Everybody,

    Just wondering if there will be any meets before or after the expo. I know in years prior, someone always organized a nice sized event.

  2. bookhugger

    bookhugger I love books!

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    I saw on FB that they are trying to organize a pin trading event in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel (right near the convention center)
  3. Connies_Hobby

    Connies_Hobby SPREADING the DISNEY PIN MAGIC!!

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    Ty, bookhugger.
  4. TornadoTitan

    TornadoTitan Nick Wilde's Biggest Fan

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    When is this pin event? I want to check it out.
  5. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    Saturday night
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