Disney Gangnan Style Flash Mob!!!!

Discussion in 'DPF Game Room' started by Goofy_Moe, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Jrdnsmom

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    BTW I forgot to add the elevator scene cracks me up everytime!
  2. Goofy_Moe

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    To answer a few questions above... yes the wristbands are handed out in DTD between ESPN Zone and Rainforrest Cafe... You cannot miss the crowd... LOL...

    I am hoping to coordinate all the key parts of the original video including the elevator part if someone will stand over me and gring oh soo sexy like that... lol...

    Picture deadline is same day as the PoDM release...
  3. Ozzie1988

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    i will so be in the film crew lol
  4. BugCatcherJenna

    BugCatcherJenna It doesnt have to be a snowman

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    Did this ever happen?? LOL

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