Disney Store Uk online to get Star Tours merch

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by xbeckyx, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. xbeckyx

    xbeckyx Halloween Town Resident

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    Just popped on there to see if anything was new. And I came across this:


    Looks interesting :) we may actually be getting decent stuff online for once!!
  2. YoSoyAhPuch

    YoSoyAhPuch the 13th Grim Grinning Ghost DPF Charter Member

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  3. Gingernutty

    Gingernutty Member

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  4. Vackra

    Vackra Member

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    Looks like I may have to start trading more often with UK traders!
  5. vickichip7

    vickichip7 DPF Correspondent DPF Correspondent

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    This. Would. Be. AWESOMEEEEEE :D

    Thanks for letting us know Becky
  6. xbeckyx

    xbeckyx Halloween Town Resident

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    No probs :)

    Im curious to know what it is going to be :D I hope its cool stuff like figures. Not just like tshirts. But if they do them I would still prob buy one anyway! lol XD
  7. scrumpman

    scrumpman Active Member

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    OOOOOOoooooo need to check loving this!!! Will def be getting something!!!
  8. Steamboat_Willie

    Steamboat_Willie New Member

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    The UK stores are abysmal, although the recent refurbs are great. Therefore it must be the stuff they stock the stores with. And looking at the online store backs this up.
  9. broncobilly83

    broncobilly83 Scrooge McDuck's #1 Nickel Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    I will be curious to see what you get as well, since the US Stores have I believe NADA, and the US Site has the 2 new Action Figure sets based off the updated ride and that is it.
  10. xbeckyx

    xbeckyx Halloween Town Resident

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    I have yet to have seen anything to do with this on there yet! :(
  11. laura_uk

    laura_uk Living The Dream

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    Ooooh thank you for the info, exciting!! X

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