Disneyland vs walt disney world

Discussion in 'DPF Game Room' started by Simbaa, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Simbaa

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    The Ultimate Showdown
    The two parks go head to head in the battle for supremacy


    [FONT=&amp]This showdown is very similar to the pin battle dome. The two parks start with 10 health. First, choose your favorite park, then list 3 reasons why the park you chose is better. Finally, look at the post above you and add/subtract health to the two parks. The first park to 0 health looses!


    Cats are better then dogs because you don't need to walk them, they don't drool, and they are super affectionate

    Dogs: 10-1=9
    Cats: 10+1=11


    Good luck, and let the best park win
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  2. KT07

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    Disneyland is the best because of club 33, NBC hanted mansion and it's the park that Walt made with his hands.

    DLR..... 11 WDW....... 9

  3. Simbaa

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    I agree :)

    It's also the only park with Matterhorn which happens to be my favorite ride!
  4. coblj003

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    I will always be privy to WDW. The carousel of progress, the only attraction Walt created which has no copy. It is the legacy of Walt's Florida Project. It has the world's most photographed Disney Landmark...
  5. Kritter

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    Disneyland, the original Haunted mansion resides here along with many of walt's original designs and favorites, Smaller park means it is less intimidating to walk around and explore, the [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Blue Bayou restaurant exists here and only here, and is a staple of my disney vacation.

    since coblj003's post would put the tally back at DL 10 and WDW 10

    My post puts the count at DL 11 and WDW 9[/FONT]
  6. xdattax

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    Aright. Lets play!

    WDW has Epcot with the Food and Wine event, Haunted Mansion has the Winchester mansion inspired room, and WDW has magic bands that make FPs so much easier. Plus I have a seasonal pass. ::nods::

    so wdw 10, dlr 10.

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