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    The three good fairies are sitting in the King Stefan's study having their usual afternoon tea.
    *knock on door* [Aurora enters with letter]
    "Why Rose, what brings you here?"
    *Merryweather reads the letter while Aurora fills in all of the good fairies on what has happened, nearly being drowned wasn't even the worst part…*


    Fauna: Maleficent? Surely she wasn't all that bad.
    Flora: Oh sure she is, she'll stop at nothing.
    Fauna: Merryweather, what is it dear?
    "It's from Yensid, Mickey is missing. Even with Maleficent arrested, she's still up to her old tricks."
    Flora: You must go, we'll keep watch over Aurora.

    Merryweather bids her fellow fairies and Aurora good bye to fly off to her requested destination. On arrival, she hides her wings to appear mortal before proceeding with check in and goes up to her room.
    On seeing the time she rushes over to Kouzzina and sees an eclectic bunch already waiting at the table...

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    Marie walked towards the back with the rest of the group. She was a bit nervous, and wished Duchess was there with her.
    She hopped up onto a chair and noticed that she was sitting alone. She glanced around at the others who were present, and then noticed the waiter standing patiently next to her.
    "Oh! I'll have the whole fish, please."
    As the waiter left her table, Marie began to fluff up her fur. She always felt more comfortable when she looked nice.
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    When everybody arrived, someone named Christina came up and asked that everyone follow her to a table in the back. Vanellope followed without hesitation, hoping that it was time to eat. In all her excitement, she forgot to grab something to eat along the way, so she was pretty hungry. Christina hands her a menu, which she looks over. "I'll have the Chocolate Budino Cake," she said to the waiter.

    The waiter gives her a weird look, since she ordered desert first. "Oh, and the... uh," she looks over the menu again real quick. "And the Cinnammon-stewed Chicken with a Root Beer."

    "Excellent choice," replies the waiter, who was still giving her an odd look.

    Since Vanellope was so used to eating sweets, she figured she would just order something off the desert menu. Oh well, maybe the chicken or whatever it was she got would be good too. Even if it wasn't, she still had the cake to look forward to.
  4. Psycho Pixie

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    Dug sits wagging his tail while everyone places their orders, He ate right before he came to the hotel. Being a full grown dog, he really only needed one meal a day. Besides, he had GREAT "begging eyes" and could likely get a snack from someone if her really wanted it.

    "I cannot wait to see what this adventure will be, I am very excited!"
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    *Ursula is brought out of her stupor when the dashing presence of Scar arrived. "Oh we were supposed to meet out in the hall, silly me.." she would figure out just who was this new royal blood she felt later.
    Looking at the menu, Christina the CM tending their table, came and asked for drink orders. "Hmm, the Blood of Bacchus sounds good, naybe for a romantic occasion later..." The Sea Witch opted for sparkling water with an order of the fisherman's stew. After placing her order, Ursula glanced at the table, taking note of new faces as well as those missing...
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    OOC: Don't worry, Damu, I had a dreadful time posting yesterday so I completely understand.

    Yensid: 'Good evening and thank you for returning so quickly to this investigation. To those of you who are new, I say welcome and thank you on behalf of myself and my still-missing Apprentice. As I have gleaned from the limited statements made by the self-professed ‘Mistress of Evil’ in addition to the complete case file I have dubbed ‘Homicide in Hollywood,’ Maleficent was not working alone. While I ... .'

    *Before Yensid really can say very much, Christina returns with the drinks. Yensid stops talking as she starts distributing the beverages. Before the server is halfway through, another server comes rushing in; he is pale and shaking.*

    Christina (quietly, to male server): ‘What is it?’
    Edward (tries to respond quietly back to female server, but is so shaken, he is louder than he intends): ‘You haven’t been in the kitchen, have you?’

    Christina (blinks, confused): ‘No, I just handed off the dinner orders for this party to ... you wasn’t it? ... and went to go fill the beverage orders before returning here to give them their drinks. Why or when would I have gone into the kitchen?’

    (At this point, another Male and Female Server arrive, serve the detectives their appetizers and leave; they don’t say a word)

    Edward: ‘I don’t know, but maybe, um ... ’ *Glances at Yensid and the detectives who are watching this exchange with various degrees of curiosity and realizes how loudly he has been speaking and lowers his voice* ‘... um it’s probably nothing, but better safe than sorry, right? You probably should check it out, you know how Chef gets? Tell our guests that their dinner will be right out, please.’ *mumbles something inarticulate in the direction of the detectives and leaves as quickly as possible while attempting to make his departure appear normal*

    Christina (turning to detectives): ‘I apologize for (Edward). He’s very new and everything still excites him. I’m quite sure that there is nothing to worry about. As I’m sure you heard, your entrees will be out shortly. *She excuses herself and leaves*

    Yensid (as the server departs): 'Potential problems in the kitchen, hmm?' *he magically scans the area in question* 'They might want to get that open fire in check, it’s a bit out of control' ... *he waves his hand and mutters something unintelligible under his breath* 'That should help. Other than that, it just seems like the usual kitchen preparations. Now, as I was saying, while I have taken measures to make sure Maleficent remains in custody, we have three immediate objectives: locate my missing Apprentice, find her co-conspirators, and prevent any further loss of life. I have several ideas where I believe we might launch an investigation ... .'

    *Yensid stops talking as Christina and now composed Edward return with their entrees. Christina speaks quietly as they distribute the entrees to each guest.*

    Christina: 'I want to apologize once again for earlier. There was no need for alarm, one of the cooking fires in the kitchen got a little out of control, that’s all. We’ve been told that we have one of you to thank for getting it so rapidly in check, even though we would have managed and nobody would have been in danger at any time. But that was our excitement for the evening ... enjoy your dinner. We’ll be back to check on you periodically.'

    *Both servers leave*
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    Vidia listens intently to Yensid as he addresses the detectives.

    After he finishes, she wonders if the kitchen fire was the only thing that was bothering Edward; also, what (or WHO?) could've caused it?

    With the kitchen fire and the probability of more than one culprit on her mind, Vidia barely touches her meal.

    "Who has time to eat when so much is happening?" she thought, and although she wouldn't admit it, she was starting to have more respect for Tinker Bell.

    Vidia ponders over the events that have just so recently occurred, but is once more disturbed by the odd and villainous couple. -cringe-

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  8. Aceastrococopuff

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    Indiana is intently listening to everything and wondering if there is something else going on here than just a fire and if it is related to Mickey...
  9. Vixy

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    Diablo flies along to the private room with the others and perches on the edge of the table. The server lays a menu down in front of him and he taps a talon carefully near the calamari-- there's not much opportunity for fresh seafood in the Forbidden Mountain!-- and ignores what he thinks might be a glare from the lady with the purple skin and white hair.

    The server brings his meal and thoughtfully brings a bowl of water for him to drink from. He digs messily in to his seafood as he listens to Yensid recap the situation, cawing a little sadly at the mention of his former Mistress. Really, she deserved every bit of the scolding he gave her! What could she have been thinking? He hopes he can help fix what she's done. He looks around, hoping the other detectives won't think he had something to do with it. The girl with sparkly sugar in her hair seems nice, and there's the dog who likes everyone-- Diablo waves a wing at him-- and the man in the white wizard robe who isn't a wizard... and, oh dear, another cat! Diablo eyes the white cat nervously. He hopes this one doesn't fly like the purple one did...
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    Abu climbs into a seat at the table the group is lead to. Taking a menu he turns it all different directions. There are no pictures so it's all Greek to him. *rimshot* He motions to the waitress to come over and pantomines a banana. He then looks around at all the others and feigns some interest in their conversations.
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    Vanellope glances up from her meal, thinking about everything that just happened. Yensid started to talk about the investigation, then Christina came and handed everyone their drinks. Nothing out of the ordinary, until that other server came out and started talking to Christina. He tried to whisper so he couldn't be heard, but Vanellope heard him loud and clear. In fact, she was pretty sure everyone could hear him, judging by their faces. The other server then left, followed by Christina. She heard Yensid say something about a fire.

    Christina and the other server, who Christina had called Edward, appeared and and passed out everyone's food. Christina apologized for earlier, mentioning the fire again. Although Vanellope believed them about the fire, she didn't believe that that was the only thing going on.

    Vanellope looked down at her chicken, knowing full well that she wasn't going to finish it. She gave the rest of it to the yellow talking dog, then proceeded to eat her cake.
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    Si and Am impatiently waited for everyone to order, all that traveling really made them thirsty. Finally their saucers of cream arrived, followed by an excited server babbling something loudly. Between the burning smells from the kitchen and all the noise around them, they were getting irritated. Luckily their meals arrived before the urge to chase the bird sitting across from them overwhelmed them.
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    Mater follows everyone to the table and parks himself on the corner feeling a bit shy since he is new to this. When he is given the menu he looks at it wondering what any of it is. He's never had anything like this before and he definitely does not want to repeat the pistachio ice cream/ wasabi fiasco from when he was visiting Japan with Lightning Mcqueen. So he decides to order the Avgolemono soup since it will probably be the closest thing to what he is used to at Flo's Cafe. Once having ordered he begins to listen to Yensid and he notices the two servers whispering amongst themselves. He hears something about a fire in the kitchen and remembers the time when he was a fire truck, but before he could let himself get too carried away with his day dream, he snaps out of it and continues to listen to Yensid.
  14. tokyodisneydad

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    *Scar looks through the himself more than anyone else.* "You mean I can't get a good leg of zebra or a roasted meerkat in this place?"

    *Just then Yensid begins talking. As he is explaining the situation they all face, there is suddenly some kind of crisis in the kitchen. Turning towards the smaller felines sitting nearby.*

    "I swear how are we going to get anything done when those in charge can't even control a simple meeting?"
  15. dancecats

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    *Yensid lets the conversation go on for a few minutes before resuming where he left off before the servers interrupted.*

    Yensid: 'As I was saying, once again, I have several ideas where I believe we might launch this investigation, but I’d like to hear your thoughts first since you were through the first investigation?'

    *Before anyone can answer the question, an ear-piercing shriek cuts through the air. It appears to be coming from somewhere in the restaurant - from a guest at another table?*

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    *Scar to the rest of his table after he hears a scream from a guest at another table.*

    "See what I mean incompetent old fool. Him and that blasted hat are going to get us all killed. I guess we should run into the face of danger...hey you in the white coat...yes you with the funny nose. Why don't you go first?"
  17. Psycho Pixie

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    Dug's tail stopped wagging as he paid attention *well paid as much attention as a happy go lucky ADD dog like him could anyway* to Yensid's "speech." His comprehension of most of it revolved around Yensid obviously being the pack leader, and the nervous sweat that tickled his nose from the 2 servers when they were bringing drinks. The distant kitchen fire was a mild irritant on his nose, gas fires were not really stinky.

    When the small candy girl gave him her chicken He gave a delighted wuffy sniff to her ear and took a surprisingly delicate bite from the food. He munched away as politely as he could while the conversation continued.

    Quite suddenly an ear piercing scream made him cringe and yelp. His incredibly sensitive ears ringing from the human noise. The few remaining bites of chicken forgotten, Dug turns and jumps from the chair.

    "POINT!" his collar bleeps as he barks and takes a point stance in the direction of the human noises. "It is coming from that table there!"

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    While Vanellope is eating her cake, Yensid begins to talk to the detectives about the investigation. He asks for everyone's thoughts about where they should begin. Although Vanellope wasn't part of the 'Homicide in Hollywood' as it was called, she still tried to think of something that could be helpful. Before she could think of anything, someone lets out a loud scream.

    "What the..." she says to herself as she glances around, trying to find out where exactly the scream came from.
  19. movingthestars

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    Jim stares into his Fisherman's stew as he listens to Yensid. His thoughts drift to the "last investigation"-- he was not a detective for that one, but he has been over the case file thoroughly.

    I wonder if... he starts to think, but his thoughts quickly snap back to the present as they are interrupted by a loud shriek from a nearby table.
  20. dancecats

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    *The shriek turns into a continuous scream that still is ongoing when Dug finds the table with the distraught female guest. A first - or even second glance - doesn’t reveal the reason why she is so upset. Everything appears in order ... until the detectives realize that the cutlery looks like it has been dropped on the table in horror and she is staring at her entree in shock. Taking a closer look at the entree, it’s obvious that there is something very wrong with her Slow Cooked Lamb Shank. Mixed among the Gigantes Beans are darker pieces of ... something ... that aren’t beans. Something that looks like insect flesh. And mixed in with that are pieces of clothing, a tiny top hat, scraps of an umbrella, and a tiny gold medal, the writing rendered illegible by cooking.*

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    Vidia jumped when she heard the scream. The talking dog then pointed in the direction of source. As they approached the table, the detectives could see that the guest at the table did not get exactly what she ordered....

  22. Superfly

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    Dr Doof is sitting there trying hard to find something on the menu to order when suddenly there is a scream.

    "I don’t think I want what they are having."

    For reasons unknown to him everyone begins to move away from dinner. Then he is challenged by the ugly scarred...underfed lion to lead the way.

    "No thanks. The last time I heard a scream like that wad back in the old country. My Uncle Leonardo Doofenshmirtz lost an arm in the turnip factory. I was standing on the front lawn dressed as a yard knomeand heard the scream all the way across town. Did I ever tell you about the time I was a yard knome? Well u see..."

    Luckily he is cutoff by....
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    Merlin is still pouring over his Braised Short Ribs when a scream erupts through the restaurant.

    "Gadzooks!" he screams, as it caught him offf guard, causing him to drop his fork, staining his robe. "What was that spell for stain removal again?"

    He is now completely caught up in the fact he has a small stain, that he forgot why it ever happened in the first place (absentminded as he is). When he finishes he looks up to see everyone at another table. 'Did the waitress move us?' he wonders to himself, then remembers the scream. He hurries over to the table, he is getting more used to these moments of terror as an investigator, but still doesn't like not knowing what he will find.
  24. tokyodisneydad

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    *Scar walks over to the table with the screaming guest. He looks over the guests shoulder and sighs.*

    " A bug in the soup? Is that all? If pumba was here he would love a dish like that. of course if Pumba was here I would have the chef stuff an apple in his mouth and have some roast pig."
  25. tokyodisneydad

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    OOC* Uggh sorry I keep forgetting to turn the siggy off when posting in the game.
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