Finally! A Pin Box in the UK!

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by ArttheAnimator, Sep 3, 2018.

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    Apologies if this has been posted somewhere on here, I couldn't find it, but for UK (or European) collectors there has finally been a set up of a 'Disney Pin Box'. Thought I'd share!

    It's not 'official' Disney but in the absence of Subscription boxes containing pins in the UK or closer to the UK, a couple set up a system. It's new but promising, and I'm trying it out. If it takes off hopefully it will be great for UK collectors - didn't know if anyone wanted to check it out!

    They offer subscriptions, one off boxes, themed boxes etc - starts at around £25 and goes up from there. So far reviews have been promising and it's gaining a lot of steam very fast. They open up every month too.

    They have a facebook too and are open to feedback. They are emphasising these are legit pins, and you can also request a preference on what themes you can get in the boxes. Anyone else giving them a try? I'd love to see how it evolves!
  2. arielsdinglehopper

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    Super excited about this!

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    Yay for UK collectors! :D
  4. HyenaDip

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    I'll have to have a look at these!
  5. Damiens pins

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    IT looks really promising but the website doesn't seem to load properly
  6. ArttheAnimator

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    yeah the website is super new. They are taking feedback on it. Most of the info at the moment about the whole thing is on their facebook 'Magical Pin Box UK' and they are pretty good at posting and such so far

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