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Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by xdattax, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. xdattax

    xdattax Well-Known Member

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    Since we were discussing the Ariel Heroine pin, here’s my collection, lacking the Big Bad Round Pin.

    Michael’s has a 60% off coupon till noon today so I took a ride over and got a new board for $3 something.

    Then went to the Ho and got spray paint and a new, reusable drop cloth. Spent $30. Came home to discover I had bought a duplicate can of paint. Oh well. Will return tonight.

    Sprayed the board. Left it out in the sun.

    Brought it in, applied pins.



    Missing Ariel fishy ptd. Want to get the daughters of Triton HM set. After that, we’ll see what’s up. I don’t feel the need to hunt too many old mermaid pins down since they keep coming out with new ones, nor have I really looked to see what’s good in the older ones. Maybe a few Japan pins I’ve seen that are cute.

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  2. AvatarAng1

    AvatarAng1 DPF Court Jester

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    It's an alright collection, but you aren't a real Ariel collector until you have the profile. ;P

    Seriously though, I love the Ariel top right! She's so cute! XD
  3. sirradel

    sirradel Active Member

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    I love this! I’m still trying to grow my Ariel collection myself lol
    All the pins you have are fantastic!

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  4. PixiePost

    PixiePost Previously SoraPandora

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    What a beautiful collection!

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  5. CCofRR13

    CCofRR13 Well-Known Member

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    Love what you did with the board ~ great collection!
  6. Disneychildwithin

    Disneychildwithin Well-Known Member

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    Very nice job with the board, I didn't consider spray painting...and your pins, just beautiful! Love how you made the center with all the sisters around, congrats!
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  7. Stix1800

    Stix1800 Member

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    Really like the board! The mermaid fishtail paint job looks amazing!
  8. arielsdinglehopper

    arielsdinglehopper Active Member

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    Oh, what a stunning collection (and total goals for a fellow Ariel collector)! I adore what you’ve done with the board too! :D

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  9. momin.ator

    momin.ator Well-Known Member

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    Pretty. ☺
  10. tiggeriffic

    tiggeriffic DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Your pins look great on that board, really nice colors!
  11. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    The paint job look great!! Love all the sister PTDs

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  12. xdattax

    xdattax Well-Known Member

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    Nope. Not a real Ariel collector at all! Heck I don’t even have the BT!

    Thanks all! The board was easy to paint, though if I do another one I won’t use Kilz primer, I’ll just use rustolium since it’s a little rough. It’s pretty easy to accomplish the fade look and you’ll have paint left over for future projects (that will not take the colors or finishes you have on hand, thus you’ll wind up with about 30 1/2-3/4 full rattle cans).

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  13. Ajk

    Ajk New to DPF but not to trading

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    Great “almost” collection. ;) Really looks nice. Thanks for sharing!
  14. TammyH

    TammyH Active Member

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    How pretty! Love the collection/pins and the board is cool!!
  15. Addicted to Alice Pins

    Addicted to Alice Pins My name is Ann, and I'm here to enable you!

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    Very cool! And great use of that Michael's coupon, ha ha.
  16. chubs191

    chubs191 Beautiful Tomorrow Admirer

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    The BT is way overrated. There's an LE 100 pin from Japan that came out before it that's the same exact art. I also am not a fan of the composition of it.

    Great collection! And pretty board! I love the colors!
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  17. Lisa Lopez

    Lisa Lopez Pinpics ID lisarallen2

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    I hadn’t thought about spray painting the cork. That’s a great idea! I think I may have to create some stencils and spruce up my son’s Star Wars pin boards
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  18. LunarianLight

    LunarianLight Disney Fan

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    Great job on the pin board! And all your pins are super cute. Who doesn't love TLM? :D
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  19. Aurorapinfan4ever

    Aurorapinfan4ever New Member

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    That's so cute!!!! I love how you painted the board! All the pins are also cute:)!!!
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  20. pilcrow


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    The board looks really good! I spy some beautiful fantasy pins too!
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  21. luvlionk

    luvlionk Member

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    Th colour of the board is gorgeous I love it and the pins are awesome too!
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  22. Pinasaurus

    Pinasaurus PinPics: Pinasaurus

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    The gradient is a really clever idea! Sometimes I find pins stand out better on different colored backgrounds, but still look best displayed together; this is a really clever way to subtly change the accent color for one board! I mean, we know from WDW that pink is a great accent to green, which is why Walt tinted the concrete, to make everything look more lush and verdant. Nice job! : )
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