Great trade with a Tumblr user

Discussion in 'DPF Game Room' started by DaddyDaughterPins, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. DaddyDaughterPins

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    Met a very nice pin trader who happened across one of pin pictures and offered to trade. She sent a thoughtful note about our daddy/daughter pin trading and even zapped us with an extra attraction pin.

    Thanks to: dreamsstartwithdisney (Tumblr)

    Anyone else on Tumblr and used it to find a trade?
  2. Belle

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    I use Tumblr and I am currently looking for a pin to send to someone there, I am receiving a pin too. It's more of a gift though :)
  3. fireheadfred

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    i am a tumblr user (jammyjimjams) and have had a wonderful trade for my rapunzel sheild :)
  4. AgentOfAnarchy

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    I am a tumblr user (shhdonttellbman and pinjournal) I havent traded from tumblr yet but I have bought pins from there, a hercules snowglobe and made friends with a fare few pin fans and dpf users.
  5. Katdianee

    Katdianee Forever a Princess

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    I'm a tumblr user (fearlessisliving) and have not traded on tumblr before, but I've won a mini-pin giveaway from a tumblr devoted to Disney pins :)

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