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Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by bcol, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Just thought I would share this little thing that happened to me at WDW and Orlando. We stayed at Caribbean Beach resort while down there for the LIAA event and had a problem with my dining plan. After being there two days my dining plan showed we had no more snacks available. As usual I didn't go to take care of it right away because I was just burned out from so much good stuff to do. Anyway, on my last day there I had enough time to ask about it and it turns out my daughter was charged for 49 snacks instead of the two she bought. WDW was more than fair after they saw the charges and made up for the mistake. I was also told the snacks were still available and to bring a bunch home on the plane with me. I did. I also found out that a bunch of pins in a backpack looks like shrapnel and gummy bears look enough like plastic explosive of some sort in the X-ray machine to pull me out of the TSA "fastpass" line and do a body search. Fun. Anyone else have something to share?
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    I wonder why Disney didn't refund you for the dining plan?

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