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Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by mickeymousje, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. mickeymousje

    mickeymousje Well-Known Member

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    Hi everyone! As some of you might know (or not I'm not sure) I'm having issues with my health again. I'm recovering from a brain tumor (the 4th time now) and wanted to let everyone know that my last MRI scan was okay! The tumor isn't all gone but it hasn't changed or grow! As long as it stays this way I'm happy because right now they can't remove it, so hopefully it stays this way that ot won't grow or change :)

    I also wanted to let people know that sometimes it can take a few days before I can reply to PM's and/or mail pins because every new day I don't know how it will start. I have migraines and depressions and I'm still very tired off all the treatments. I will always keep up to my word and mail pins but sometimes it might take a couple days longer same with replying to PMs hope you'll all understand :)

    Sorry for the long story but just wanted to share the good news and hope I can recover
  2. LittleBird

    LittleBird Well-Known Member

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    Of course we understand! So glad to hear that the latest news is positive! Always, always keeping good thoughts for you, dearest. :hug::hug::hug:
  3. momin.ator

    momin.ator Well-Known Member

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    Keeping you in my prayers. :) Glad the news was good.
  4. Shelterkat

    Shelterkat A Very Merry Unbirthday!

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    Sending lots of pixie dust!!!!!!
  5. SkeleCountry

    SkeleCountry Active Member

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    Sending prayers your way, glad that you got some good news! We all hope that you get to feeling better! We understand there are things more important than dpf and pins! :hug:
  6. Snoffsan

    Snoffsan Well-Known Member

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    Im so sorry you are not feeling well still but happy that the tumor isnt getting worse right now! You are in my thoughts!
  7. natelove

    natelove Member

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    Sending lots of prayers
  8. MerlinEmrys

    MerlinEmrys Hicitus Pinicus!

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    Thinking of you! Glad to hear some good news, though! :) *hugs*

  9. Addicted to Alice Pins

    Addicted to Alice Pins My name is Ann, and I'm here to enable you!

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    I'm so glad to hear you've gotten a bit of peace of mind (that the tumor is at least stable). I'll keep you in my thoughts. Sometimes, the health issue is bad enough but the worrying about it just makes you feel worse. So I hope you can take some enjoyment from things a little more now. One day at a time, but we are all sending you cosmic hugs and good wishes for continued improvement!
  10. TammyH

    TammyH Active Member

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    Sending prayers and pixie-dust!
  11. fuzzybunny

    fuzzybunny DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Believe me I can very well understand, have been down that path as well, from induced coma to learning to walk and eat again , so my prayers are with you every day to get better, just trust in God he will be there for you always.
  12. Piglet

    Piglet Member

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    Sending you my thoughts and lots of fairy dust! :hug:
  13. mickeymousje

    mickeymousje Well-Known Member

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    Awe thank you so much everyone! :hug: really means a lot!
  14. Disneychildwithin

    Disneychildwithin Well-Known Member

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    Happy to hear the update is good, hang in there through those headaches and check in as often as you can.
  15. dancecats

    dancecats Administrator Staff Member DPF Administrator

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    My goodness, I definitely can understand (to a certain extent) as I have an extremely atypical migraine condition myself that usually is indicative of a secondary condition. I choose to be grateful that I just have migraines, but I'm extremely sympathetic to the conditions of others.

    I'm very sorry that you're suffering so much, but I'm glad that you had such a good follow up visit. The most important thing is for you to take care of yourself. We're all here for you, sending prayers and pixie dust - and keep us updated when you can.
  16. Sami

    Sami Well-Known Member

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    Sorry to hear that you've ill, it's good to hear that you're on the road to recovery and your keeping some positive thoughts! Like Dancecats, I can't say I know what you're going through, but I can understand the migraine problems and how horrible and debilitating those can be (I was diagnosed with Cronic Cluster Migraine Syndrome). Hope that you have a speedy recovery, and you start feeling back to your normal self! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way! [​IMG]

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  17. mickeymousje

    mickeymousje Well-Known Member

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    Thanks so much! Yes I hate migraines, I have those and pressure of the tumor that causes headache, sometimes I want to slam my head to a wall, can drive you crazy! I'm also very happy that I've been very lucky and survived these tumors before and that I can still do things :)

    Thank you all very much! You're all so sweet! :hug:
  18. CCofRR13

    CCofRR13 Well-Known Member

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    Glad to hear that things are better for you ((HUGS))
  19. mickeymousje

    mickeymousje Well-Known Member

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    Thank you all so much! <3 :hug:
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