Help to choose costumes for the Disney Princess race

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Snoffsan, Dec 28, 2017.

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  1. Snoffsan

    Snoffsan Well-Known Member

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    In less than 60 days me and my family will leave the cold Sweden and go to WDW for 2 weeks. We will begin our vacation with participating in a Run Disney event. We will run in the Disney princess half marathon weekend. My twins (13 years old now) will run the 5k on friday and me and my husband will run the 10k on saturday and then the half marathon on Sunday. I know, totally nuts! But hopefully it will be dun. We have ran 2 run Disney events before but this will be my first half marathon.

    Anyway, I need input on costumes! My daughters already decided that they will run as Aurora, one in pink and one in blue :) Their costumes are already almost done. just have the tops left.

    Me and my husband will probably not run together but I still want us to match for before and after pictures.

    This is our customes from previous races:
    2016 princess:
    The girls did the one mile race:

    I have to show you that the service dog Ida got to run with matched her in a Beast colours and he also got a medal!


    Me and my hubby did the 10k together as Jasmine and Alladdin


    And because it was a princess themed race my amazing husband wore a pink tutu for the half marathon and still finished way under 2 hours! Isnt he cute!


    Our second race was for the marathon weekend 2017

    We all ran the 5k together with Dawny and her husband. I made us all matching outfits from Cinderella. The kids got to pick who was going as what character :)


    These costumes actually landed us on the official rundisney website with this photo of us crossing the finishline!!! Those costumes took some work but turned out great I think.



    For the 10k me and my husband ran as Minnie and Mickey


    Now I need suggestion on what we should run as this year! I only have a little less than 2 months to make the costumes so I really have to decide now.

    The races do have themes but Im not sure I will go with that. The 5k is Rapunxel but the kids already decided they will be aurora. The 10k is Merida, the half is Snow White and the Challange medal (you get that one if you finish both 10k and half marathon) is Cinderella themed.

    I kind of what to choose a princess where my hair could work. I cant run with my hair out. I have to have it up or in one or 2 braids. It doesent really matter on hair dos and color but if it works it will be a plus.

    Also it cant be a huge costume because it has to be easy to run in.

    So far my thoughts are:
    Pocahontas and Kokoum (My husband really wants me to be Pocahonsas becaus she and Jasmine is his fav princesses :) )
    Snow white and the prince
    Belle and Gaston/Beast
    Ariel and Eric
    Anna and he can be either Hans, Kristoff/Olaf or Elsa :)
    Briar Rose and the prince (would look cute to take a pic with the girls if they wore their Aurora outfits)
    Rapunzel and flynn/Pascal
    Tinker Bell and Peter Pan/Hook
    Elena and ???

    Or we could do reverse

    Me as Eric and him as Ariel
    Me as Gaston him as Belle

    My husband is in on most stuff I throw on him but it has to be kept to a decent level. And most important thing is that I have to use real running gear as a base because you dont want to run a half marathon for the first time in a cheap costume you bought at target or a ball gown or something like that. the costumes will be kept to a minimum like the ones we did before. More like combining colors and adding small details.

    But I need help. Please help me deside or come with ideas I havent thought of.
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  2. CCofRR13

    CCofRR13 Well-Known Member

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    Love it! How awesome that everyone gets in on the fun. You are very creative - love your past costumes.

    I am torn between the following two options:

    Briar Rose & prince - because it would match the girls
    Pocohontas - because she is one of your husband's favorites

    I'm trying to think of some you might have missed - not sure how the costumes would work:

    Alice & Mad Hatter
    Ursula & King Triton
    Simba & Nala (animal costumes might be too warm)
    Princess Leia & Han Solo - I think you could pull off the side hair buns easily

    Whatever you decide, best of luck!
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  3. Purplemandms

    Purplemandms Like the candy!

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    I love the pink and blue ideas!!! Personally I would go for the Briar Rose/The Prince, or with Maleficent/Maleficent as a dragon, or Maleficent/Diablo, to match the Sleeping Beauty theme, but I know that those last ones can be a little obscure. I also really like @CCofRR13 's idea of the Princess Leia/Han Solo! But whatever you guys pick I'm sure it will look lovely. :)
  4. Snoffsan

    Snoffsan Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for your input. Looks like Briar Rose and the prince got 2 votes. That outs her up on my list again.

    I do love the idea of running as Princess Leia. I have already made a costume for her that would work for running in. The only problem is the hair. I do have long brown hair and I can easily make the buns. the problem is that it takes so many bobby pins to get them to stay in pace for just walking around. Im afraid of how much work they would need to survive running a race. And also, having those buns HURTS! :)

    This pic is just a bad screen dump but here you can see the outfits I made when we want to Disney bound start wars :)


    But back to costumes! Right now I think I have at least narrowed it down a bit.

    For the 10k I can do a bit more detailed outfits because I wont be running a lot. Most walking and saving my self for the half.

    So on the 10k list is:
    * Pocahontas and Kokoum
    * Briar Rose and prince (Since the kids wont run the same day they will need to wear their running gear 2 days if we are going to match so I think it will work best for the 10k. If its cold they wont have to wear it as long as for the marathon)

    I really do want to please my hubby and be Pocahontas, but Im afraid it will be hard to find a performance top in the color of har dress and then a fabric in the same color to make the skirt part... My other option is to make the top as well, but I have never made a top. It has to be a good material for running ans sweating in.

    Half Marathon
    I think I will go for Snow White. The theme for the half is Snow white so Im sure I wont be alone running as her but she is the one that I can see making an easy costume as. It wont be to hard to find a real running top in the right blue color and just put on details to make it look Snow white and the skirt I will make. And for hubby the prince will be quite easy as well. Just a blue performance tshirt and I can just add a small red cape on the back. Sure running on his own people might think he is superman but on photos next to me I think it will be easy to see that he is supposed to be the prince.

    I really like Tinker Bell as well but I will problably just make a dress and wear in the park one day instead.

    Sorry for my long posts but my former sweet girls are now teenagers and all I get from them is "I dont care" so I need to talk to someone that shares the whole Disney exitment!

    Tomorrow I will get to start booking Fast passes as well. Tried asking everyone what they wanted me to look for but guess what they replied : Uhhhh I dont really care mom, just make it fun" :rolleyes:
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  5. xdattax

    xdattax Well-Known Member

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    Perhaps I’ll see you at the race!

    I vote for Pocahontas to run in. I think you should be able to find a tan running shirt.

    Not sure if I’ll dress up or not. I have a dress to run as Sally for either the five or 10k however I wouldn’t wear it for the half.

    Maybe I’ll throw a Snow White themed outfit together. The boyfriend and I wear supposed to run with friends as Aurora and fairies (two auroras, two fairies) but he’s out on medical most likely.
  6. LadyBarclay

    LadyBarclay Active Member

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    I love your idea of two fairies (Fauna and Merryweather, of course, because of the two dress colors)! :). And please, post pics of all costumes, everyone! I love seeing how people interpret the characters. And I especially want to see Sally!
  7. lohofosho

    lohofosho Goin' Down the Bayou

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    Love all of the pictures of your past costumes! You did great! I love race weekends for all of the creative costume pictures that come out of it!

    Lots of great ideas!!

    I too love the the Leia and Han Solo idea. As far as the hair, they make headbands that have buns attached to them. I've seen them at the Disney Store, although they do look large and bulky. But I also saw a pair at Hot Topic the other day that looked more light weight. Just a thought!
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