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    Diablo flies back to his own room and preens his feathers absently while he thinks about what Yen Sid has said. He definitely wants to help find the poor mouse and wake up the mouse-lady. He's so disappointed in Maleficent. She did always call herself the "Mistress of All Evil," but really, she's never been this evil! Her idea of "all the powers of Hell" was turning into a dragon, for Pete's sake! He wonders what's gotten into her lately. Well, he'll just have to try to help fix things.

    He wonders who'll run the Forbidden Mountain in her absence. Those Goons need a firm hand or they'll just go all silly and start auctioning off the whole place.

    Ah well, he thinks, sooner or later she'll probably be back. She's pretty good at escaping from places. He'll just have to keep the Goons in line himself until she comes to her senses. Maybe he'll see if he can get one of those collars like Dug has.
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    OOC: Time for the post mortem. I'll go through the official clues first and explain what they were (direct or indirect). I'll then point out the hidden clues that you missed and explain how they were meant to point you towards Maleficent.

    Post #396: Leaf - From the Forest

    Post #576: Piece of Fur, to badly burned to be identified; Post #1037: Identified to be Rabbit Fur, which was transferred from Philip’s boots when Maleficent captured him

    Post #705: Piece of Black Hair, frozen so it’s origin can’t be identified; Post #761: identified as being not human; further tests would have identified it as belonging to the equine family (from Samson, Philip’s horse, when Maleficent captured him)

    Post #847: Small Piece of Black Fabric - From Maleficent's Gown

    Post #936: Feathers (Frozen in Carbonite, color and type indistinguishable); Post #1037: Thawed out and revealed as two sorts; Further tests would have revealed one type as an Owl feather (transferred from Philip's cape) and one as a Raven feather (from Diablo)

    Post #989: Blade of Grass - From the Forest

    Post #1093: Rope - Used to tie up Prince Philip in the Cottage

    Post #1091: Flash of Lightning - Maleficent punishing her goons

    Post #1176: Piece of paper with writing on it; Post #1187: Calligraphy writing, but illegible, old; Further tests would have dated the paper back to the 14th century (the paper was from the book from the opening title, meant to direct you towards the movie rather than the character)

    Post #1200-1201: Berries - From the cottage, waiting for Philip to arrive

    Post #1231: Piece of Wood - Broken spinning wheel

    Had the game gone on, additional clues would have been (no particular order):
    -Green Fire
    -Flash of Green
    -Purple Fabric
    -Black Ring
    -Piece of Stone (Forbidden Mountain)
    -Candle Wax
    -Piece of Metal Chain
    -Blue Flowers
    -Toxic Solution/Potion

    Okay, now on to the Hidden Clues ... .
    Post #182: In the Cheshire Cat's repeated use of 'vanished' - indicating/hinting that the killer has the ability to vanish

    Post #193: The bus driver's name is Peter (Peter Tchaikovsky wrote the music for Sleeping Beauty - meant to direct you towards the movie)

    Post #210: 'You simple fools' in the note refers to how Maleficent addressed the 3 fairies after Aurora pricked her finger; 'Murphy's Law' refers to the dragon in Fantasmic and indirectly back to Maleficent (who becomes the dragon)

    Post #498: Pastry chef's eyes are glazed and he has a confused expression on his face; Post #503: Pastry chef not realizing he cut his hand - Maleficent hypnotized the chef to cut his hand and not realize it

    Post #554: The Car Crash - Maleficent hypnotized the drivers to crash the cars and then forget the instructions

    Post #???: Mim's peaceful expression - She was hypnotized when she was led to her death in TOT

    Post #1118: Brown Derby's Hostess is named Emma: Emma voiced Elinor in Brave - and Eleanor Audley was the voice of Maleficent (not easy)

    Post #1118: Brown Derby's Server is named Charles: Charles Perrault wrote the book 'La Belle au bois dormant'

    Please let me know if anything doesn't make sense and I will be more than happy to clarify further. I hope you had fun playing and I'm looking forward to part two (when it starts in a few months). I hope I'll see all of you (and anyone who wants to join) then, when the murder and mayhem continue.

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    ** ooc
    thanks stef, I did not think to look back at the sign up thread
    expect my surprise maybe tomorrow? Idk with the way things have been with me lately
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    *OOC: Hee hee hee OMG! These are awesome! Stef, thank you so much for the post mortem. I love it! You are much more devious than I thought. Now I know better what to expect! :D

    I had a ton of fun and I already can't wait for the next one to start!!!
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    OOC: wows!! Absolutely amazing the thought you put in every clue and how each one makes perfect sense! I think if I was a bigger sleeping beauty fan I might have had a chance

    Stef, thank you so much for a very enjoyable game and I look forward to playing the next one and really hope to see all the other detectives too!! I loved how everyone portrayed the characters and made it so fun to interact together.

    I'll probably check in tomorrow afternoon to post as Belle but for now I have to turn in. *forces herself to turn off phone*/ooc
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    *As the speech by Yen sid finishes up and he leaves, Scar is still feeling upset.*
    SCAR* " If that old geezer thinks that I am going to lay around the resort for a few days and then jump back on the investigation bandwagon then he is crazier than helooks."
    *Just then Scar's thoughts are interrupted by his phone ringing. He checks the caller ID and sees that it is the Boardwalk Concierge.*....."Mr.Scar....Mr.Scar....Yes, If you come outside everything is ready."....*Scar hangs up with an excited thank you and walks over to Ursula.*

    "Ursula dear Can you come outside with me. I think that I can make up for the totally messed up evening."

    *As Ursula and Scar go outside into the warm air, they see that the boardwalk has been transformed by several Electrical Light Parade floats.Itis romantic in an odd kind of way.*




    *But Ursula is overwhelmed by the larger than life replica of herself.*


    *It is at this time that the concierge walks up and hands Scar a large bouquet of flowers and a small jewelry box.*


    *Outside on the boardwalk several guests and other detectives watch from a short distance as a boney lion gets down on one knee in front of a large OctoWomen. *

    SCAR" Ursula my dear this is not exactly how I planned the evening, but these floats represent how I feel in my heart for you. You are the light in the darkness of my life. I know we have only been together for a short time, but you never left my side through all the pain and recovery. It is you that are helping me through all of this and helping build my memories back step by step. I know I have diminished from when I was a leader, but I hope you will accept me as I am. I still need some time and I can't remember it all yet. I know with you here by me that one day I will be a leader again."

    *Scar opens the jewelry box and there is a large diamond ring inside.*

    *Scar..." Will you ma...(hiccup)


    OOC* And with that...Scar will leave you hanging and see you next game I hope. Thanks Stef and good job everyone.
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    Tink flies out unnoticed by scar and ursula, and watched as scar whips out a jewelry box gets down on one knee and starts to say something when all of a sudden he hiccups and is turned back into a cub. "oh my" tink says as the scene unfolds and abrubptly stops with a cub laying there with ursula standing over him.

    OOC good game! i had my suspicions but not enough research time grats to all for a great game!
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    OOC: I'm so sorry I missed the end of the game. I got unlucky and went from the event to my home to the hospital. But for part two I'm staying in, staying healthy and renewing the acquaintance of Hook and Belle. Edna is ready to play again. This was so much fun and the interaction was stellar. I hope things work out for Scar and Ursula (LOL).
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    Aurora listens as Yensid gives his final instrauctions. Very happy to get a few days off Aurora plans on going home to see Phillip as she truly misses him. Plus now thanks to Ursual has to clear up a few things. Aurora heads out and sees all of the floats from the electrical parade - "hmmm what is all this?" She then looks over and watches as Scar takes one knee in front of Urusla. Aurora's romantic side makes her watch in anticipation. Then as Scar hiccups and turns into a cub Aurora cant help but laugh at the bad timing of the hiccups.
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    Belle looked down the corridor where Anton left and saw no sign of the mysterious sorcerer. She turned around and looked at the other detectives, all exhausted and ready to turn in for a well deserved rest. Still, Belle felt she owed it to each and every one of them to say goodbye... for now.

    "Scar," she said walking over to the once leader but still very capable detective, "I must say it's been an honor working with you and," glancing over at Ursula nearby, "you as well. The two of you are quite unstoppable together and I only hope the best for your future." Scar seemed preoccupied as Belle talked, particularly when his phone rang, and so Belle quietly left him to his evening he had been talking about.

    She turned to see Dug dejectedly walking to the door and knelt down to pet him before he left, "Dug, your canine senses proved invaluable during this investigation. I am so sorry for the terrible loss you suffered, and hope that you will have happier times come your way soon."

    "Thank you Book Lady and I will be going now," Dug's communicator conveyed the puppy's feelings as he looked up at Belle and then continued on his way.

    Belle caught Tinker Bell right before she left and smiled at the pixie, "Tink, I can only hope that if I ever become an Inspector, I may be able to share some of your talents in investigation."

    Tink thanked her before she went on her way.

    Belle shook Merlin's hand, "Merlin, I hardly believe any of us can thank you enough for putting an end to this terrible nightmare. And," she added looking up at Diablo perched on the wizard's shoulder with a smile, "you cannot have picked a better new companion... and vice-versa. I'm sure you two will make a great team."

    Belle noticed Aurora seemed a bit flustered and troubled as the princess texted, Belle could only assume Philip was on the other line. "Aurora, I'm glad you were on the case as I learned so much from you."

    Aurora smiled and said goodnight as she walked out, her attention still on her phone.

    Stitch was walking towards the door and Belle tipped her hand to him. He gave her a full teeth grin and pointed to a familiar bag Belle had seen Tink take away from the scientist when they were on the beach. She glanced over and saw the scientist looking around everywhere mutter "where are those 'inators'??" and laughed, knowing it was for the good of all that he not find them.

    Nonetheless, he was a part of the team.

    "Dr. Doofen... well, Doctor," she said, shaking the doctor's hand. "Um, I know things got tense... but despite everything you were still a helpful and key part of the team. I even hope to see you when we all regroup again... but maybe no machines this time."

    "Maybe the third nicest thing anyone has ever said to me," the scientist evaluated Belle's farewell before going off and looking for his 'inators' again.

    She turned around and accidentally bumped into Kuzco, who was on the phone and completely frazzled.

    "Thank you, Kuz"-

    "Yeah, okay, uh-uh."

    Belle wasn't sure if he was talking to her or referring to the phone call, but accepted it nonetheless.

    She then walked over to Hook and Edna who were still sitting and talking together quietly. She could not help but give them both a hug.

    "I don't think I could have gotten through this ordeal without you two. I'm ever grateful for your friendship, and I hope that when Yen Sid returns, that I'll be able to work with you two once again."

    "Well, my dear Belle... likewise," Hook responded.

    Edna nodded, "Dahling, this isn't goodbye so don't turn on the tears. It will ruin your makeup."

    Belle laughed, "Or what's left of it after today."

    Belle said and starting heading to her room. She glanced over and saw what looked like Scar's wonderful evening unfolding, and dialed home, not able to wait any longer. She smiled at hearing her prince's voice.

    "Adam, you wouldn't believe what has happened... what? Pictures of Aurora on Facebook?" Belle listened as her eyes widened. News sure does travel fast.

    As she was listening, she heard a commotion and looked over to see Scar had made the mistake of hiccuping and was a furry little cup again. Belle could not help but laugh. What a way to end the evening!

    OOC: Sorry I'm a little late, but just wanted the opportunity to thank in and out of character each and every one of you guys for such an enjoyable game! It was such a blast and I can't wait until the next one! ^.^

    OOC2: I *think* Belle's prince is referred to as Adam? To be honest it's the reason why I haven't said his name all game... I have no idea what his official name is =| :lol:

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    OOC: WOW! I missed the end of the game.*facepalm* this I what happens when I get to much homework. Well thanks everyone for playing I had such a great time!/OOC

    Kida runs around saying her goodbyes to everyone. She walks over to her new friends and gives them Huggs and tels them to text her. She then goes up to her room to pack her bag.
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    * In the end, Ursula and Scar watched as their former comrad was taken away by the authorities. She notices that Scar has recieved a call, probably cancellation for their date, ugh... As she looks at the remainining twelve, many of them are trying to keep in good spirits she supposed. Stitch, Dug, Diablo, and Tink were all congratulating Merlin on his miraculous defeat of the evil fairy. Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Belle, Edna, and Hook stood as a group, the latter grumbling about the entire ordeal they went through. Aurora was busy talking to Philip over the phone about the pictures that so happened to end up on facebook (hehe...) while a few of the remaining bimbettes remained to talk amongst themselves. Then there was their incompetant leader who happened to be busy in the corner staring at his nails. It was just as well that no one really found out about Scar's Amnesia...

    As Scar and Ursula exit the the boardwalk inn, she is amazed at how the entire boardwalk has been transformed with the addition of the Spectromagic Floats, "Did you have anything to do with this Scar?" as he just grins smugly. Taking in the entire site of it all, she doesn't notice as he pulls out a box and then a ring. She is suprised when Scar bows in front of her, "Ursula will you ma...hic" as his large gangly form is replaced with that of small lion cub; the ring then falls between the wooden planks of the boardwalk, forgotten in that still of the moment.

    OOC: Been busy with work and everything. This last scene makes me miss working for Main Street Ops as I got to work parade control that year up to when they changed spectromagic to the MS:ELP. I was thinking of Millicent very early on but thought that it was too easy of a person to pinpoint to and ultimatly chose another witch instead(and would have died had the game not already completed), ah well. If you look back though at the Star Tours scene, the sillouette that was posted looked very similar to her lol. I will definitely try to play the next game pending my availability, whether or not the Sea Witch returns we shall see.

    And here's something that I was going to add as a dream sequence but never got the post to...
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    Scar wakes up back in his cave within the Animal kingdom. He doesn7t remember much from the last few months. a side effect from his amnesia he guesses. He does remember a ring and dropping it. He also remembers murder and a nosy mad scientist.

    SCAR: "Hmmm I wander how my dear Ursula is doing. Maybe I should give her a call."
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    Diablo is watching the Goons try to play a game that involves throwing and catching the tanned and stuffed skin of a pig, when he senses a change in the wind. He lifts his head and caws curiously. He wonders what's afoot...
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    Belle looks up from her book startled as she looks over at her phone the detective team had given her. She sighs almost disappointed when there was no message. She could've sworn she heard something.
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    *"RRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG", rang the telephone as Ursula awoke suddenly from her slumber. She pulled off her eye cover, dark circles present under her eyes showing her lack of sleep. "Oh pooh, I was having ever so much a lovely dream too" vaguely recalling the deaths of a few annoying bimbettes. "Who would dare call me at this time of night". Glancing down at the caller ID, "unknown #," the sea-witch pondered on whether to answer the blasted device or not...
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    As Scar is resting and chewing on a Zebra leg he gets a call. Looking down he sees that the number is an overseas number.

    " Hello.....ahhh yes my friend Yoshinori...how is Japan? I see ...You have been demoted from security chief of Tokyo Disney SEA....and why is that?.....Hmmm stolen vinylmations......welll that can't be te only reason.......Ohh that is gruesome.... a death at Toy Story Mania. Ok I will get the earliest plane possible and be there....No No it's fine. I need a vacation or atleast someting to get my mind off of a broken heart......The others? Well I'm not sure yet. Let me ge there and have a look and then we will decide."

    *Scar hangs up and then goes to get his suitcase. "Zazu!!! Zazu!!! Where is that stupid bird.?"
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    I wanna make someones day & bring a smile in the shape of a brown package! free game!

    I apologise again I don't know how this ended up in here, really, I don't, please disreguard, carry on. My apologies.
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    I must be really tired don't ask how I posted my game here, im clueless myself
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    "And if you would like to enter in our free contest, give us a call or register online at..." Ursula couldn't take it anymore as she sent a zap magic to the answering machine, causing it to explode into a million pieces. Heads would roll when she found out just who the dunderhead was who removed her off the telemarketer no-call registry.

    Her pet eels noticing their master's fury swam towards her; the sea witch then spoke very innocently in pet talk... "I might have just got back sweet-ums, but I'm in need of a much needed vacation after the last trip..." Thoughts turned back to that last night at the boardwalk whereas she her beloved prince charming Scar was about to propose to her. Alas he disappeared suddenly after turning into a cub, leaving her in such a horrible mood she even threw her namesake Ursula Spectromagic float(as well as a majority of the other floats) off the pier and created a disasterous whirlpool in the channel between the Boardwalk and Beach Club...

    Summoning her credit card, she checked to see the farthest her frequent flyer miles would take her. "A little shabby but it looks like Tokyo Disney Sea will have to do." Hopefully, this trip would help her get her mind off of what had happened the past several weeks, and may the Gods have mercy on him if she ever ran into that cowardly lion...
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    *In a small locked holding cell within an undisclosed area of Tokyo Disney Sea sat the sea witch Ursula; TDS Securities' magic dampers around her wrists prevented any ability for her to escape. Her Japanese was rusty but from what she could understand from the security officer (Yashonori was it?), she was being held for murder that took place within Toy Story Midway Mania. Internally fuming, the witch resigned herself to trying to figure out what had happened within the past 24 hours.


    After arriving at the hotel, Ursula figured that sight seeing (in human form) was in order. Strolling down the American Waterfront, she decided to try out her first attraction she saw, the aforementioned Toy Story Midway Mania, though she was quickly wishing she hadn't. A very uncouth definition of man was behind her in line trying to flirt with the disguised witch; when Ursula thought it couldn't get worse he was even in the same vehicle sitting right next to her. She spent the entire first half trying to look into the other direction with him flirting on; and then suddenly halfway through the attraction his incessant pondering ended. "He finally took the hint..." she sighed she wasn't going to egg him on and continued to look in the other direction though she also wondered if the attraction was supposed to splash water onto the guests. It wasn't until Ursula heard the screams of attendants and guests Ursula looked to her side and saw the grotesque remains of her co-riders head, or lack of as she looked down and saw that she was covered in blood and brain matter. She was still in a stupor as was escorted out by security to her holding cell; at least she was given a towel to clean off with.

    The head honcho told Ursula that no video surveillance of the kill-site could be found(the cameras were mysteriously offline), leaving her as the only suspect. They had called in a specialist, proficient in English, to help in the investigation. As the door to her cell opened, the sea witch gasped as she didn't know whether or not to be happy, relieved, shocked, or downright angry at the identity of whom would be her only hope out of this mess...
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    As Scar is discussing the security problems with the old security chief, he is told that a suspect has been caught and is being detained for questioning. He is surprised when he learns that the suspect only speaks English and not Japanese. Scar then informs the staff that he will be questioning the suspect personally.

    When Scar is led into the holding area he sees a beautiful lady sitting there. She speaks his name..."Scar...is that you my love?"

    Recognizing Ursula's voice, a flood of memories suddenly come back...walks on the beach, a proposal on a boardwalk...lovely memories of solving murder cases together. Scar turns to the security team..." Leave us ..I will find out everything."

    Alone at last..Scar turns to Ursula.

    "Listen my love and listen carefully. We don't have much time. I will call my private jet and have it on standby. I will be back in an hour and get you out of this. We will have to leave right away and I will handle the relation problems this is going to cause with a promise that I will be back in the future to truly solve this case, but for now just trust me. Besides I have the perfect excuse...that blame disappearing cat called and said we are needed back in the states. I swear I may never know why I gave him my badge."

    *Scar kisses Ursula's hand and leaves to arrange for them to leave as peacefully as they can.*
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    Diablo is admiring his pin collection (he does love shiny things!) and trying to decide whether they've captured his good side, when he gets the strangest feeling, as if something is about to happen...

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