I'm a bad Disney fan...

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Ventchick, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Ventchick

    Ventchick The DPF Ventriloquist

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    Because hubs and I JUST watched Lilo & Stitch... and we are sobbing.

    It's now one of my favorites.

    Now I need Lilo & Stitch pins.

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  2. dancecats

    dancecats Administrator Staff Member DPF Administrator

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    Better late than never, but I have to ask: what took you so long?!
  3. CCofRR13

    CCofRR13 Well-Known Member

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    LOVE Lilo and Stitch :stitch::stitch::stitch::stitch::stitch:
  4. fuzzybunny

    fuzzybunny DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    one of my favorites
  5. Ventchick

    Ventchick The DPF Ventriloquist

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    Lol truthfully, I thought it was gonna be lame. I dunno why I thought that... just didn't seem like it was gonna be good. The last "alien" movie I liked was Space Jam

    Plus, for a Disney-phile, there are quite a few popular Disney films I've never seen. Told ya... horrible Disney fan.

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  6. GoofyinMadison

    GoofyinMadison PinPics: DIZFAN

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    You're not a horrible Disney fan, you're just taking things slow :wavey::stitch::stitch::stitch:
  7. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    LOL I haven't seen a lot of the newer movies yet either (but have seen l&s). Luckily for you, there's like a bajillion stitch pins!
  8. Disneychildwithin

    Disneychildwithin Well-Known Member

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    and you call yourself a Disney fan. Yes, awful, just awful. :p
  9. NutMeg

    NutMeg The Nefarious N.M.G.

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    Lol, but seriously though, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's easily one of my favorites. Prepare to discover and appreciate something new about it upon each subsequent re-watch! Like the fact that he is aptly named "Stitch," symbolic of how he mends the family back together. Or the fact that the song Nani sings to Lilo, "Aloha Oe" (aka "Farewell to Thee") was written by a Hawaiian queen and became a cultural anthem of sorts after Hawaii was annexed by the US, which resulted in many families being forced apart. And she sings it as a goodbye before Lilo is taken away by an agent of the US government... such a deep and powerful film.
  10. unibear

    unibear DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    OK, now I don't feel so bad. I just watched "Up" a few months ago. I bought it on DVD when it first came out but never sat down to watch it. My sister watched the first 5-10 minutes a while back, and turned it off (very depressing, after losing our mother and other sister to cancer).
  11. tiggermickey

    tiggermickey DPF Correspondent DPF Correspondent

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    Have fun with that,but that's cool though
  12. LadyBarclay

    LadyBarclay Active Member

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    I re-watched Lilo and Stitch for the first time in years just a few weeks ago, and I did not remember it being such an emotional movie, but I was tearing up through so much of it. Lilo throwing down Scrump after the girls made fun of her-then running back to pick her up in a hug ... Stitch wandering away from the house, calling out, "Lost!" thinking he might find his family ... So many scenes involving Nani, who is one of my favorite Disney characters. I probably can't praise this movie enough, they did such a good job with the character development. Did anyone on here notice (I didn't, I had to read it somewhere) ALL of the surfing trophies in Nani's room? Just a very subtle example of how much their lives had to change after their parents passed away. :cry:

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