Infinity War - !!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by Tokaji, May 1, 2018.

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    Quick question for you Marvel experts; I would not consider it a spoiler as it does not apply to Avengers 3, but if I'm right, it likely might apply to an upcoming individual film or even Avengers 4 (or both).

    Going back to Doctor Strange, right before he drives over the cliff, he is asking for a new case to take on. The question for the Marvel experts: is one (or more) of those proposed cases an Easter egg for a future character who might make an appearance? Are there any characters in the Marvel universe who have severe enough neurological problems in their past that they would seek out assistance from the titular neurosurgeon?

    Anyone know? Any thoughts? Or do you think I'm way overthinking this here?

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    I saw the movie today, as a 19 year old male I can't ADMIT that I cried...

    Such a good film. I may need to find a few pins. XD
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    FINALLY saw the movie Saturday

    I'm liking Capt. America with a beard!!!

    We went to the 10:10 pm show - did not get out until after 1 am because my oldest son and husband had to dissect the movie right then and there.

    It was darker than I expected. I hope Loki is not dead dead but I think he is. I think there is hope for Gamora.

    Spiderman made me cry......
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    I don't know off hand about a future character, but there IS an Easter Egg in here. One of the cases he is proposed to take on was for Rhodey/War Machine, for the injury he suffered to his spine at the conclusion of Civil War
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    Spoiler Break 1

    Spoiler Break 2

    Spoiler Break 3

    Spoiler Break 4


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    There's a character in the comic book version of Guardians that the films are based on that had lost the use of his legs while still on Earth. An ally of Cap's. But they'd really have to rearrange things, since he's already in a space prison when he meets the team.
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    It was confirmed by the director that it was not war machine.

    Gamora is dead and not dead. her soul is trapped in the soul stone.
    It is also likely that anyone taken with the soul stone is also there. maybe. possibly.

    loki and everyone killed with the power stone is dead dead. but thanos did bring loki back to life for avengers 1 so who knows.

    I think #4 will deal with different dimensions or time travel and thats how we will get some people back. they will have the worlds biggest little person make them an infinity gauntlet. the mold is still there and the one thanos has is broken.
    Captain marvel can time travel.

    Just some theories and thoughts. :p
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    Hey guys!
    He’s fine!
    Everything is fine!

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    @Ajk, I’m trying to get rid of my comics too, but Infinity Gauntlet has always been my favorite mini series and am keeping those issues. My biggest awe/shock reaction was the splash pages of the cosmic entities losing. Those familiar with the comic knew the loss of half a universe was coming, so for me, seeing it on the big screen is a dream fulfilled, and at the moment I was so excited and wanted to cackle with glee and then realized, oh yeah, most didn’t know this was supposed to happen and people were feeling forlorn and melancholy. Wow, I just realized I read Infinity Gauntlet 27 years ago. Also, I can’t see Thor anymore without thinking “pirate angel”. Cap is still my favorite Avenger though!
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    Birds of a feather. I'm keeping some key favorites, including the IG series, as well. I hope you are having better luck disposing of your collection than I am.

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