Live from Las Vegas... PinCon 2018!!

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    That's why sis & I skipped today's pin event (lanyard trading & Pinopolis Pin Game)...
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    and my cars overheating what a mistake this was. The event wasn't even that great I only found oe and hm traders
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    Sorry to hear it was nit that good of a event. I can't wait to read more details and understand why things do not seem to be going very smoothly.
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    OK, I will post this review/trip report here and also on the Pinopolis in Las Vegas thread. As always, I have opinions of the event and how it was handled.

    The day began early, as the alarm woke me up at 4 a.m. I went to wake the rest of the family and one snafu came about. Our parents decided not to go! UGH, okay. Well, sis & I are still going so off we went.

    We stopped off in Rancho to pick up a friend who was coming with us, only to find out he wasn't coming. Wait, what?! Yup, turns out he got an email Friday night, scheduling him for a second interview for Saturday, with less than 24 hours notice? He tried calling to reschedule and emailing, but was told, you either come in for the interview or you're off the list. OK, interview it is! (he got the job!)

    That took less than 10 minutes so we were on our way (again).

    We stopped off at the Barstow, CA McDonald's (the one that is a converted train) on the way to Vegas to eat breakfast and then get a lotto ticket and for gas. We made another stop in Primm, NV for more gas and Jean, NV to see if I could buy a lotto ticket. I learned that Nevada doesn't have a state lottery!!! I guess they make enough money gambling?

    We arrived at our hotel shortly after 9:30 a.m. We were able to check in immediately, but breakfast had already concluded for the day....after unloading our luggage, we headed to Circus Circus. It took a while to find the proper room to be in, but we found it around 10:30 a.m. I stood at the end of the line after checking in for early entry (thank you to @disneykins for "sponsoring" me so I could get in a little earlier). There was a line of about 30-40 people. I went to check out the other side to see what was going on (there was a partition separating the "entry" into the event). On the other side of the partition was a table where lanyard traders were being sold (10 for $100 or 20 for $195) and the five lanyard tables were set up.

    Yup, lanyard tables with colored tape marking the lines! Instead of walking around the ballroom, they had tables to trade the lanyard pins. And it was empty...I guess all the people that bought tables were already inside setting up and trading amongst themselves. So, we waited. They let us in a little after 11 a.m. and off I went to buy 60 lanyard traders. I then went to trade them while others went inside. Sis eventually came back (she went to grab a bite to eat) so I got her tickets for the Golden Magic Stitch pins and used hers, mine, and a couple who was behind me (they only wanted 2 sets, not 4) to get 6 sets [this was after the lanyard trading]. I also gave her the two dollies of pin bags/boards to hold as they were getting in the way when I was trying to trade with the lanyards.

    BTW, the pins that we bought were the Pirate Bao Bay pins from HotArt/ACME. They were wrapped in plastic and either on card or not. I did not check to see if there was any special etching, but they were all the round ones.

    I went to purchase the 6 sets then went back outside to do more lanyard trading. Eventually, sis was let inside (at 12 noon) and we finished the rest of our lanyard trading. Sis went to sit near @DISNEYPINS99's table since the doorway/exit was not being used. I came back and gave her the pin sets. While waiting in line to buy the sets, I passed by the HotArt/ACME pin table, where they had their pins set up for sale (at discounted prices too!) I was eventually able to get more tickets to buy the last two sets I needed to buy.

    I wandered around all the tables. Most of the tables were set up with So Cal pin traders - yup! I would say at least 2/3 of the pin traders that had tables were from So Cal. It was hard to trade with the non-table people.

    We were done at about 4 p.m. We wandered outside to see if any of the pins had changed from the morning, but they had not, only the colors of the lanyard which the pins were on. I spoke with Lenny (owner of PinPics) and he mentioned that they had gone through approximately 3000 traders.

    Opinions/Criticisms (yup, you know I had to have them)

    Instead of just having the early entry people stand "outside" in line, time could have been spent selling the lanyard traders and the Golden Stitch pins to them. They should have been let into the other side (but not into the ballroom), bought pins and then started lanyard trading. Then at 11 a.m., they could be let inside the ballroom to trade with the other pin traders.

    Ditto with the free entry people.

    It was brought up in various conversations that I or my sister had - why didn't HotArt/PinPics just sell the lanyard traders to people? They could have sold them as sets. My thoughts are that they thought they might not have sold as much? Since some of them are not as wanted?

    The HotArt and Golden Stitch pins should have been set out in the foyer with the lanyard traders' sales. This way, it wouldn't cause a long line in the ballroom, which was somewhat small. Then at least 3-5 other tables could have been sold that were being occupied by these sales. The aisles were not very wide so that when the traders with their carts came through, it would block the entire aisle. The Golden Stitch line blocked half the entry into the ballroom and blocked most of the aisle on the right side of the ballroom.

    After Dinner

    We went to eat dinner at the Mexican restaurant at Circus Circus. Before we left, I went back to the Salon Ballroom to take another look at the lanyard traders. I took clearer pictures (posted on the DPF FB page) and showed them to sis. We discovered a different Karate Stitch had been put on the lanyards (they weren't on them in the morning) so I went to buy 10 more lanyard traders and got those, blue dress Belle, blue Aurora, and four more pins (I forgot which at the moment). Then we headed back to our hotel to relax a bit at the rooftop pool and then rest in the room before calling it a night.

    Trip Home

    We left our hotel at approximately 8 am and arrived home (after two stops for gas [one in Primm, NV and the other near our home so I would have a full tank for work]) at approximately 1 pm. Based upon the reports I read, it sounds like it was a good idea to leave then due to the traffic coming back on the I-15 on a Sunday.

    Would I do this again?

    I'm not sure. Maybe in the late fall, when it's not too hot and before it gets cold, windy, and rainy. If sis & I did this again, we would definitely buy a table for $100 and hopefully get a gold sponsor to sponsor one of us so that one could go in at 10 am and the second could go in at 11 am. We might have been able to trade more with non So Cal people (all the pins I got yesterday were from So Cal peeps that I knew). The plush was from a group that seemed familiar but I could not recall from where. They gave out the plush for any authentic Disney pin. As I had some of the 2017 hidden mickey pins, that's what I used to trade for the four plush and one pair of gloves.

    But I'm not sure I would do this again.

    We did get good trades in, but again, those were with So Cal people which I know we could have traded with later, lol.

    We did make enough money to cover our expenses by selling of the pins, but was it worth it? I'm not sure. Maybe after I have some more time to think about it, I can answer the question.
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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience, it was an interesting read!
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    Nice haul! Congrats!
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    Nice write up Li. Sounds like it was a lukewarm event at best. Although it may have been a little hotter at times but that was not a good thing. Thank you for sharing your inside view. Should be very helpful to people trying to figure out if they want to be involved. Glad to hear you and sis had a safe trip.
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    I Would like to chime in and thank each and every one of you for coming to the PinCon. It was absolutely wonderful to meet all of you that I was able to get to talk with! We absolutely love all of the feedback that you are giving and I will definitely get with Lenny and Lisa to improve future events so that it is definitely worth the while.

    The lanyard trading was our 1st ever and although we had some minor bumps as to if we were going to "flip" the pins, I've heard that it ran pretty smoothly (I was the black lanyard all day Saturday, so my line was of course the best!). All of the lanyard pins are LE200 and we did end up going through over 4000 lanyard pins!!! The remaining pins that we had will be distributed through the pin masters across the world. You will only be able to get lanyard pins from pin masters at their stores or live events.

    We Are very excited for the next event which will be the Orlando event. NEW LE releases, new lanyard pins and a lot of excitement coming from Pinopolis. Make sure you go to our website and RSVP for your tables and all of the amazing packages that we have available. Some are already selling out!!

    Hugs and smiles,

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    A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended PinCon World in Las Vegas this past weekend!!
    Our New HotArt Pin Trading is a huge success! If you missed PinCon World Las Vegas or you just want to continue the trading fun, come to one of our Pop-up HotArt Trading Spots and get your hands on the first ever HotArt All-Star Classics LE 200!
    Wednesday July 11th Orlando Florida TD Collectibles 12-6pm at the flea market location
    Thursday July 12th Fullerton CA at Comic Book Hideout 11:00am-3:00pm
    More Pop-up locations coming soon! Stay tuned for more information...[​IMG]

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