Moana beach doll house?

Discussion in 'Other Disney Collectibles' started by Elphaba, Mar 16, 2017.

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    Has anyone heard of any released or upcoming Moana dollhouse (for 12" dolls)?

    Alternatively, does anyone know any "beach house" doll houses that could work for that... I think most "Barbie Beach Houses" are more like pink glamour homes that aren't particularly beachy, and all that pink "glamour" sure isn't Moana at all. I'm sure she could deal with some of that, but that's all most of the Barbie houses I've seen have - where the "beach" part? But there might be some that are different, and beachy?

    You'd think beach themed doll houses might be easier to find! I'd like a big one, like the big KidKraft Frozen mansion.
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    Recently American Girl just retired a girl of the year named Lea Clark. She had a "rainforest house" that I think may have a similar motif to Moana's (but probably with less pink)

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    Oooooohhh!! Thank you for that, I will investigate further. That's way more Moana than the beach Barbie houses I was finding. I like it!

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