MOG pop-up store at D23 Event in November (PIN purchase change)

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by figment919, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. unibear

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    I need the Oliver & Co film strip! I love the steeds, so I guess I'll need a few of those (especially Burrito!). Good luck to all who go!
  2. disneykins

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    I really like the Steed Sets and the film strips. If anyone is going and doing pickups, selling or trading, please keep us in mind. Thanks
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  3. arielsdinglehopper

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    Very interested in the Donald and Daisy party pins if anybody is doing pick ups!

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  4. mystolle

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    If anyone doing pickups for the Star Wars pins, please, please let me know, huge Star Wars pin collector and just completely upset I could not make it to the event. The Mickey sets are also beautiful, would love some of those. Thanks.
  5. lynn99

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    all, I'm going, and will post a pick up thread as soon as I figure out which ones we are/are not going to get for ourselves (Please don't PM right now, save for thread, I'll try & get it up this afternoon) Note: Its just me going, so I'm not sure how many extras I'll be able to get on the RSP, but will try!
  6. btowndude

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    The sorcerer passholders get a shopping day at all three popup stores on Thursday before the official start on Friday, as well as front of the line privileges each day. They also have their own RSP for merchandise in the popup D23 Dream Store. It would be very easy to have an RSP for the MoG popup store.

    The real test will be how the Mouseketeer VIP ticketholders will be treated in their RSP pin requests for upcoming Destination D.
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  7. figment919

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    Excellent point:
    "The real test will be how the Mouseketeer VIP ticketholders will be treated in their RSP pin requests for upcoming Destination D."

    Unless someone who has this type of ticket comments on the pin RSP process, I guess we will never know. I don't remember but in the general description of this type of ticket the RSP priority was not mentioned. But then again,they came up with the RSP process well after all of the VIP tickets were sold months ago.
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  8. firecracker

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    I'm super disappointed that I didn't pull the trigger on Destination D tickets when I had a chance. My fiancee had just started a new job and we needed to see if she would be able to get the days off and when we finally knew it was sold out. Immediately got on the waitlist but was never confident that would do anything.

    I'm torn on the RSP process. On one hand more non-pin collectors may have incentive to try to get pins, however on the other it makes it fair for everyone to try to get pins. I was at the June MoG pop up and was lucky enough to be in the first time slot for D23 members but the whole thing was a mess. From letting cast members go the day before to saying they would be strict about people lining up early and then learning the first people in line were there since 5:00 AM.
  9. MommaIvy

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    Was a pick up thread started yet? I hope I didn’t miss out.

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