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    Haha, you're the second person in two days to send me these pictures, thank you for thinking of me! <3 I love it!

    Just two hours left to share your January submission!! As of 12:01a tomorrow, it's FEBRUARY!! Can you believe it?! I have a really fun theme picked out for February, but you'll have to stay tuned to see what next month's contest will be...

    January's winner will be chosen no later than Sunday night, so keep an eye on this thread to see who will be our very first winner!! My fiance Dan will serve as guest judge for this month's round, but other guest judges could include my best friend Sara for art submissions (she's a published children's and comic book artist as well as a former Hasbro toy sculptor), my best friend Abby for written submissions (girl can WRITE), my Queen Mommy who is awesome because she made me happen, and a handful of other awesome people I know and love. No one from the forum. I want to keep judging unbiased and fair.

    Thank you guys for helping to make this little contest fun! I can't wait to see what other wonderful submissions we may receive! <3
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    Lol how funny to have people send it to you twice within 2 days lol. Everytime I see rapunzel related wedding stuff I thin of you and your wedding. thank you so much for putting up this thread. It has been amazing to see everyones thoughts on what disney means to them. I can't wait to see what contest you wll come up next. I will definitely keep my eye out for it. It's just so much fun :)
  3. lost-sun-princess

    lost-sun-princess a princess worth waiting for

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    Are we ready for Round Two?
    Welcome to February's Pay the HAPPY Forward Challenge!

    In the spirit of my favorite holiday of the year, Valentine's Day, I thought that we might pay homage to our favorite Disney Love Scenes. And what better way to profess your love than through poetry?!

    Your challenge this month is to write a haiku that captures your favorite romantic scene in a Disney movie... think outside the box here! You aren't limited to JUST Princess/Prince scenes... what other moments of true love exist in Disney movies?​

    Dreams of floating lights,
    Princess and thief together
    Where they're meant to be.

    -- Inspired by Rapunzel and Flynn, Tangled​

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with haiku, it's a form of Japanese poetry that paints a picture for the audience. It is written in three lines and follows a pattern of syllables - the first line must be five syllables, the second line must be seven syllables, and the third line is also five syllables.

    Remember, please follow the posting guidelines found in Entry #1 of this thread! Also, you are free to write as many haikus as you'd like, but please only select ONE to be judged for purposes of the contest. (You may BOLD the haiku that you want judged if you are writing more than one, just somehow denote which poem you'd like to be considered for the contest.)

    Entries are due by 11:59 Walt Disney World Time on February 28th, 2013.

    Please feel free to PM me with any questions, otherwise, have fun!! I can't wait to see what sort of romantic poetry we'll get this month! xoxo

  4. crushedbubbles

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    Oh darn, not good at poetry lol
  5. fireheadfred

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    no me nether... i scrapped through english
  6. ElysionsPrincess

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    Oooh fun! I'm bad at poetry too haha but oh well!! Now to pick a favorite romantic scene...>.> That is the hard part!

    I think I will go with the DELETED scene from Pocahontas, "If I Never Knew You". (If you haven't seen it...just go to Youtube and watch! It is wonderful!). In my opinion, this scene really shows how love can be beautiful and painful. The whole movie actually shows this. That letting go sometimes is the best thing you can do for the one you love. (I just love Pocahontas okay). I will work on my haiku and then post it later! :D
  7. lost-sun-princess

    lost-sun-princess a princess worth waiting for

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    You don't have to be good at poetry to enter!! Haikus are fun... they don't have to rhyme, all you have to do is to tell a story in three lines and count syllables. <3

    Can't wait to read some entries. Hoping to post January's winners later tonight. The family is getting ready for whatever sportsball tournament is on later today...
  8. BugCatcherJenna

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    Jenna's entry

    YES! I am great at Haikus!


    A dinner for two
    pasta delight
    under the pale moon light.

    A lady, and a tramp.
    wondering off and never looking back.
    only the moon and stars can see.

    ^these are not complete.
    to be continueed... i have to go to lunch now. cant finish.
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  9. crushedbubbles

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    Sassy glitch locked in
    Meets an unlikely bad guy
    "You are my hero <3"

    ~~inspired by Ralph and Vanellope's friendship (Wreck it Ralph)
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  10. lost-sun-princess

    lost-sun-princess a princess worth waiting for

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    Fantastic first entries for February, everyone!! Keep 'em coming, I can't wait to see what other poets we have out there!

    January's entry asked What Disney Means to You. I grew up in a "Disney Family" - my mom is a New Yorker who fondly remembers riding "it's a small world" at the New York World's Fair. She would grow up to help open EPCOT by installing networking and World Key kiosks before the park opened. In her children, she instilled a deep and resounding love for Walt Disney and his dedication and fervent passion to keep dreaming. I grew up living in the parks - Disneyland's Main Street was practically my own Main Street, and I spent my childhood in glittering princess gowns and tiaras living in Walt's fairytale land.

    At twenty-five, Walt's legacy has never been more important to me. In a world too often filled with tragedy and darkness, I know that I have one consistent presence in my life that will always bring me light and joy. I credit every important life lesson I've learned to one of the ten Disney Princesses, and I will always marvel at the truth of "if you dream something more than once, it will surely come true." I will always idolize and remember Walt Disney for what he has given me: the opportunity to create the most magical memories -- through song and dance and spectacle -- with the most important people in my life... my family.

    Now the moment we've ALL been waiting for -- the winner of our very first "Pay the HAPPY Forward Contest"!! This month's guest judge was Dan, my fiance. I showed him the thread and let him decide on the entry that best depicted "What Disney Means to You" and he chose...


    Dan was so impressed with your dedication and focus to your family and how you shared your ideas through clean writing that depicted scenes of pure joy that we've both experienced through the films or in the parks. He loved that you chose to remember Walt's legacy through the generations of your own family tree, and to relive the best parts of our childhood.

    Story will be receiving a custom made shadowbox in a theme of her choice.

    THANK YOU ALL for your brilliant submissions ... we can't wait to see who will win next!! ​
  11. Story

    Story PinPics : writerkay

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    Yay!!!! :D \o/ I also Loved reading about you and your family's personal connection to Disney! <3

    Thank you, so so much again for the opportunity to write and I am so excited!!!! :hsd: :hsd: :hsd:

    Everyone's haikus for this month are so wonderful too! =)
  12. Jrdnsmom

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    I saw you in my dream
    a dance to remember
    familiar eyes a gleam

    only a peasent am I
    on white horse you ride
    betrothed to another I sigh

    Could it be, a princess is me
    hidden away
    to be with my 1 dream I plea

    Stolen by a witch
    your taken
    in chains and aged by bewitch

    my finger bleeds
    pricked at spinning wheel
    I sleep forever silent pleads

    Chains broken from spell
    slayed dragon witch by your sword
    no time to dwell

    are you my just a dream
    prince one in the same
    will my heart gleam

    peacfully I lay
    kneel to me
    kiss my lips this day

    Spell broken
    true loves kiss
    My prince, my dream, my hearts token

    True love prevails
    evil destroyed
    my prince never fails


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  13. Jrdnsmom

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  14. Aceastrococopuff

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    Lost-sun-princess, I wish it was either Walt disneys romance or his movies, would do way better.....
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  15. lost-sun-princess

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    Hi! Not sure what you're asking for here... The topic of the haiku is about romance in Disney movies to celebrate Valentine's Day. Last month was Walt Disney inspired. Next month will be a surprise. :D Please let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer so you can enter!!
  16. Aceastrococopuff

    Aceastrococopuff Steamboat Willie Advocate

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    Okay, here's my entry

    It is based on lady and the tramp

    eating spaghetti
    Finally their together
    But There's not a kiss

    Hopefully I do good! Fingers crossed
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  17. lost-sun-princess

    lost-sun-princess a princess worth waiting for

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    Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite community on the planet! Big hugs and kisses to you all!

    Now that you're in a romantic mood, why not try writing a haiku to enter this month's contest?! <3
  18. PixiePost

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    How funny! I chose to write a haiku based on Lady and the Tramp too.
    I guess we have a lot of dog lovers here. :)

    Last night she put her
    mouth against my muzzle - her
    paw upon my heart.


    I know we're only allowed one entry per person, so that's mine, but I'm going to share some more I wrote last night, just for fun...

    Here's one I wrote inspired by Peter and Wendy:

    How very clever!
    He took my thimble; and then -
    He gave me the stars.

    And another inspired by Wendy: (Not really a love poem, but whatever.)

    Leaf green, stardust gold
    With a story in my heart
    I'll never grow old

    From Tink's point of view

    I hate that Wendy!
    What does Peter see in her?
    Bitch can't even fly

    Disney-inspired haiku is fun. :)
    I might write more later...​
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  19. mickeymousje

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    How nice of you to this! I have to think about something I'm not good at poetry lol
  20. Dalamara

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    OMG!!! Your Tink one made me bust out laughing at my desk at work!! :lol:

  21. Vixy

    Vixy The Girl That's Never Been

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    "No-- I've never danced."
    Ah, twirling on lily pads!
    Evangeline smiles.

    (Sorry... just reread the first post and realized I forgot to start in the requested way.)
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  22. Deanopeez

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    from "UP"

    It's easy to wear
    your heart on your sleeve when it's
    a grape soda cap.

  23. MerlinEmrys

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    Okay, so I would like this first one to count if it can. It's not a Disney Movie, but it is Disney love. :3

    Across land and sea,
    With two pins upon two hearts.
    Keep your love entwined.

    (This makes sense if you've read my thread here: )

    But, if it MUST be from a Disney movie, I have this one too:

    If you'll take a chance,
    Love makes Princes of us all.
    Diamonds in the rough.


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  24. MerlinEmrys

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    Oh my god, that's adorable. <3

  25. Disxar

    Disxar the one and only.

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    A rose made for fate,
    To cast shadows on a Beast,
    Found when true love waits

    From Beauty and the Beast :)
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