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Discussion in 'Help me Identify This Pin!' started by TammyH, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. TammyH

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    I have searched. PinPics and here... I promise! And I can not find the AK PinQuest pins. :( Any help would be much appreciated...

    They must be there.... these are NOT new pins... *sigh*


    TammyH (a search-challenged person who is TRYING to update my PinPics profile....)

    PS Same with the Baymax Donut Shop pin....
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  2. hopemax

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    As far as Pinpics is concerned they are "new." Meaning that they have been released after most people have stopped trying to add new pins to the database because of the technical issues.

    One of the technical issues is that the database has gotten close to it's maximum size, so it's started "eating itself." Which is why a bunch of categories have disappeared. So the mods have started limiting the number of pins that will be approved to "save space until the new site is ready." I'm guessing that has also impacted the type of pins that people are bothering to add to the database. So if it is a LE WDI or DSSH pin, someone will bother to submit it. If it's a park OE pin, it's hit or miss.
  3. TammyH

    TammyH Active Member

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    Thank you for the reply. Is there any update of when PinPincs will be fully functional again? Is there another thread I should be watching? (I do see some updates on PinPics here once in a while -- but I dont recall anything recent -- but then again, I wasnt watching for anything, either....)
  4. pretty Omi

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    They don't really post here anymore, you'd have to keep tabs on the Pinpics forum instead
  5. noone

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    The new site should be coming soon, while no specific date is issued. Regarding getting the pins in the database there is a thread on pinpics forum that address' how to get a pin added to the database, even under the current setup. They are still approving pins and adding them, but its on a pin by pin basis and must meet the given critera at How to Have YOUR New Pin Submissions Approved Instantly / Submission Listings Criteria

    There is also a thread there regarding any outstanding submissions that have not been approved where you can ask for them to look at a specific pin that you have submitted for the database according to the guidelines. :)
  6. bcol

    bcol "They call me Bruce" ....and mupins

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    There is also Pin Trading Data Base. They are keeping up with new releases, but trading there right now is scarce (at least for me). It does give links to email or contacts and it's worth the time to see if it meets your needs
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  7. TammyH

    TammyH Active Member

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    Thank you! I'll give it a go... :)

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