Pins needed to complete sets. Add yours.

Discussion in 'Pin Trading' started by hopemax, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Spr175psu

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    I love this set! I have the Ariel, Tiana, and Rapunzel. I’m not sure if I want to finish it since I really only wanted Ariel and Tiana. PM me if interested in Raps.
  2. firechief18

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    Have been looking for Pin 97253 DLR - 2013 Hidden Mickey Series - Disney Birds - Diablo to finish the set.[​IMG]
  3. Ksnuggles

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    I have most if not all of these shoes for trade.
  4. DDCakes

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    I managed to find a few! Still looking for Rapunzel and Flynn, Roger and Anita, Anna and Kristoff, Robin and Maid Marian, and the Aurora Phillip super chaser.
  5. ItzaPinfan

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    Help me finish:
    Purses: ISO Mary Poppins, Maleficent, and Rapunzel
    Current Mood: ISO Abu & Thumper

    Some Traders:

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