Pirates Ride to change the Auction scene

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by MerlinEmrys, Jun 30, 2017.

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    It looks like the infamous Wench Auction scene is getting a change! No longer will women be auctioned off, but instead it'll be...chickens. XD On the one hand (and probably the dominant hand), I'm pleased to see the image of women bound by rope and auctioned off to be wiped clean by 2018. On the other, this is representative of a specific moment in time and, honestly, I don't think anyone goes through that ride and thinks it's a "redeemable" act--no more than drinking, pillaging, plundering, and murdering.

    So, anywho, for your consideration. XD

    (blanket teacher-like disclaimer: let's keep discussion civil, shall we?)

  2. Purplemandms

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    As a chicken enthusiast I am very excited about this change

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  3. Addicted to Alice Pins

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    Yeah, I've been mulling this since I saw the news yesterday ...

    On the one hand, I have become a little militant about negative stereotypes and depictions of women in the past year. (Maybe the past 8 months or so. Since at least last November, ha.) If we don't question these depictions, we're doing a poor job of claiming our rightful place as equal citizens. We need to be thorough in our efforts to eliminate negative attitudes, no matter how latent or subtle, toward gender; looking the other way in some but not all instances certainly muddies the waters. It's an inconsistent message.

    That said, I do despair of humorless people. Ha. We can't be so "militant" that we forget how to laugh or we take everything *too* seriously. And in this case, Merly, you have encapsulated my conclusion on this particular situation: It's a historical depiction. If anything, it pokes fun at outdated mindsets. That doesn't mean the treatment of women at that time was laudable or acceptable, but it was what it was. Same with the overall pillaging and plundering--it's what happened at the time. It's what pirates did. If we start down a path of "sanitizing" the ride, wellllllll, there ain't gonna be much left. Anyone riding Pirates of the Caribbean and thinking, "Wow, we should go back to those glorious days, when women were chattel," is a product of far larger sociopolitical issues than can be addressed by one Disney ride intended as goofy entertainment. For that matter, the majority of Disney's canon, pre-2013, is essentially about women "needing" men, needing "rescuing," etc--they'll have to shut down the entire Kingdom at this rate! Ha ha ha.

    But I agree with Emily: Yay, chickens!
  4. watzshakinbacon

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    I think I'll miss this scene! However, it's a good thing to get rid of this kind of imagery, especially since there are so many young minds that are exposed to it.
  5. GreyWyvern

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    TBH, I would trade a thousand PoTC auction scenes to have Horizons back at Epcot, or something almost like it. :(

    Really though, the ride inspired the movie, but the movie is now inspiring the ride. The scene doesn't really fit with the spirit of the films anymore. I still remember riding it when the women were getting chased in the scene after and did my share of eye-rolling when they changed it. But it's just a fun ride. You can tell people who complain that they should just get a sense of humour or realise that it's a playful reflection of real history, but if I was Disney, I'd just rather the ride not inspire any of those complaints in the first place.
  6. AshleyV

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    Thankfully, Disney will still give us plenty of absurd things to laugh about without scenes like this one. I'm glad for the change; it's long overdue. Chickens, huzzah!
  7. unibear

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    The only way I'm going to be OK with auctioning chickens is if the Great Gonzo is bidding on Camilla...
  8. Shelterkat

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    So I guess it's still ok to pillage, plunder, rifle, loot, get drunk, kidnap, ravage, shoot cannons, set fires,and dunk people in wells, since that isn't changing. :facepalm::crazy::confused::rant::rofl:
    Honestly, I love new stuff but when they ruin anything that Walt himself had a hand it, it's like a stab in the heart.
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  9. Shelterkat

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    On a lighter note, for anyone who had me pick up the Buy a Bride PODH...it will probably be valuable now LOL:x:
  10. figment919

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    Well looks like PC has hit again IMHO. The Bride auction scene is going to be changed to make the "Redhead" a pirate and have the other women delivering "loot" to the auction site. I guess this goes along with the "women chasing the Pirates" which was changed years ago. Just FYI if you go on POC in Tokyo Disneyland the pirates are still chasing the women.

    Wonder if there will be a grass roots effort to "keep it as is" al la the Tiki room effort years ago in DLR?
  11. fuzzybunny

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    don't like the change it was a part of the pirate history, yes I like chickens as well so we shall see what the change is like, as long as they don't change anything else in the ride I guess I am ok with it
  12. xdattax

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    I might not pleased with it, since in all reality the Redhead would not have been the one running the auction (several female pirates dressed as men, it was bad luck for a woman to be on a ship). I'm annoyed to see it change. :p
  13. Addicted to Alice Pins

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  14. shooting4ownhand

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    What makes me most upset is there is concept art from Marc Davis of women pirates for the original ride that never got used. They could have made the redhead a pirate and had them fighting with the men or something. The auction idea is ridiculous but they could have done something with the original concept art and incorporated that into the ride. But no, that would be asking for too much :rolleyes:
  15. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    My view is simple... Not a fan of the auction in PotC. Glad it's going. ...and finally... about time.

    If Disneyland were a shrine/museum to Walt Disney this 'history' might still have a place in PotC, but its not a shrine or museum. Glad Disney is making this choice.
  16. Story

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    Exactly!! I think people miss the point that the pirates were kinda 'bad guys' =\

    oh well. Disneyland already broke my heart by changing tower of terror and taking what could have been good fantasyland expansion land and making it an updated tomorrowland rather than updating tomorrowland. I'm not phased anymore.
  17. Purplemandms

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  18. Mcgilligan

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    I was thinking this too!
    and of Muppet Treasure Island...perhaps Tim Curry and Billy Connolly will become pirates in the ride.
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  19. a4matte

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    Blame the movies for that. They made the pirates out to be more friendly and approachable (especially Depp's character) instead of the bad guys.
  20. Nasubionna

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    I have sorta mixed feelings about this, but the longer I think on it, the more OK with it I become. On the one hand I'm a *little bit* of a purist when it comes to changing the older rides... but on the other hand, the auction scene is kind of gross and once I learned more about the female pirates concept art (that someone mentioned earlier in this thread) and rumors of a backstory where the redhead ends up becoming a notorious pirate after her sale, I started to feel much better about their choice to change it. As long as its done well, I think I'll be pretty happy. Now if only they'd change it back to how it was before it became "Where's Waldo?" except with Jack Sparrow... those changes to make it fit the movie depress me more than changing up the women being chased/auctioned - and I liked the first pirates movie (the sequels, not so much...)

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