Pixar Pier and Pixar Fest

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by timeerkat, Jul 18, 2017.

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    I saw this announced this weekend, and am crazy excited!

    Pixar Pier Announcement

    I do really like the Paradise Pier area, but I feel like the back area is really only used as a walk-through to get between Toy Story Mania/Mickey's Fun Wheel and Silly Symphony Swings. A retheming of this area will do it some good, I think.

    Plus, INSIDE OUT IN DCA! The preview illustration shows a Bing Bong candy store. I'm thinking that Joy and Sadness will be added as meetable characters, as well. Since Inside Out was one of only three movies mentioned specifically (one being Toy Story, which already has a heavy presence in Paradise Pier), there will probably be more. A Yeast of Eden pizza stand, maybe?

    I'm really excited to hear more news as it comes out. (And you better believe I'll be there for opening day of Pixar Fest!)
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    Tessa - I was thinking of you reading all the updates and rumors coming out of D23. There's also a rumored Inside Out ride replacing Journey to Imagination at EPCOT.

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