Prices of pins going up noticeably?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by mrshinko, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. mrshinko

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    First post, just wanted to share something I noticed.

    I remember in the past year or two buying LEs for about $12-14. Now everytime it's $15-17, while only a few bucks it seems like a big rise for such little time.

    The biggest notice just hit me when I looked at the Bighero6 puzzle set coming out.

    It's a mystery puzze box set, with 1 pin, that will sell for $16.99($17). While just late last year, maybe 5-6 months ago, the lady & tramp puzzle set was released as a mystery box set at $12.99 each.

    For side note comparison, the L&T were LE 900 with LE 600 chasers. The Bighero6 are LE 1100 with LE600 chasers.

    Just curious how others feel. Really wanted the BigHero6 puzzle set, but not sure given its price.
  2. bookhugger

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    I would wait a few months til people the bought them no longer want them and then sell for cheap. :)
  3. Shelterkat

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    :pI remember when LE's went up to $6
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  4. hopemax

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    The problem with this, is that by then our least favorite Ebay sellers will be selling them and you won't know which ones came from Disney and which ones came from elsewhere.
  5. pincrazy

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    Most prices are also based by cost, Disney increased prices this year especially LEs. Puzzle mystery pin boxes were at cost 12.99 before, and with different quantity LE and chasers for each series, guessing it's what they feel is popular. Seems the hard part is actually completing any mystery groups lately. The puzzles being LE and limited at time of purchase to 2 doesn't help. Hopefully BH6 will be a nice, but pricey set!
  6. pinnochiolover

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    The increase in prices certainly make me question my desire to purchase. Pin collecting has always been an expensive hobby, especially for those individuals that live further away from the Magic, so this further squeeze on finances is concerning for me.
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  7. Girugamesh

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    I, too, have noticed this rise in retail prices! I started going to DSF in 2014 when pins were around $10-$12 but now they are closer to $20 :// It really adds up! Same with WDI/MOG

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