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    I am 16 and I collected pins a couple years ago and after I moved I looked through them and decided that I want to collect more. I am mostly a stitch and figment collector. Also hidden mickeys and whatever pin I like :).

    As you can see I only have about 1-3 pins that I can trade right now so obviously I need to get more :) and that does not really help my ever growing want list that is just ridiculous :anxious:

    I also am into collecting rare live corals in my reef aquarium.

    I appreciate everyone's help so far.

  2. iheartdumbo

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    Welcome PudgeTheFish! :)
  3. Alexa

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    You should definitely show us some pictures of your aquarium! Or at least show me, LOL.
    I would LOVE to see it. I love any and everything about the salt life.
  4. Moondance

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    Control the weather.

  5. tankgirl_13

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    I second that!! :)
  6. tiggermickey

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    Welcome to dPF!!
  7. Robins Hood

    Robins Hood :)

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    Welcome! GL on your collection.
  8. TheHapaOne

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    *Hands Sandwich*
    Welcome to DPF...YAY I'm not the youngest anymore :p
    Hope you enjoy the forum and maybe we can trade sometime

  9. simonandwendy626

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    Hello and welcome to the forum
  10. coblj003

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  11. dancecats

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    Aloha and Welcome! :wavey:
  12. PudgeTheFish

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    Thanks everyone.

    It is hard to take good pics of a reef tank without a camera that costs an arm and a leg. What happens is the lights look 10x bluer than they really are and in turn the corals get discolored. For example my Echinophylia (chalice coral) which is normally a bright orangey pink with green undertones looked like a little blue blob. I'll try or maybe I can find someone with a nice camera because I want pics of it too :)
  13. Alexa

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    What kind of camera do you have now?
  14. calveezzzy

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    I'd feed you a sandwich...but I don't have any peanut butter and jelly.... I only have tuna.

    And I can't feed you tuna. Do you know what tuna is? IT'S FIIIISSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!
    I can't feed you fish! I'd be an abomination!!

    LOL. welcome :)
  15. huertajv

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  16. breadnbutterflies

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    welcome welcome.
  17. Catz

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    AWESOME!!m Welcome to the fun of pin trading! i love that you do corals! i want to get into that but haven't started yet! If you want to trade... look me up! enjoy!

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